Timely Communication During a Worldwide Pandemic

Timely Communication During a Worldwide Pandemic

The last month has been unlike anything we’ve ever experienced before. Increased communication between employees and customers is now more vital and will continue to be as the world battles through the COVID-19 pandemic. Companies will need to rely on proven multi-channel communication solutions to ensure that business initiatives – such as large events and quarterly earnings release calls – and, more importantly, emergency notifications and alerts are initiated in a timely manner.

Omnialert: Real-time Emergency Notifications and Alerts

Single-touch emergency notifications have never been more important than in the current circumstances and with Client Instant Access’s Omnialert, employers and community leaders have the ability to disseminate mass notifications and alerts with a single click of a button.

From general organizational updates to city and education officials sending updates pertaining to school and business closures, the punctuality of pertinent information delivery is paramount. Omnilert allows you to prepare personalized updates in advance that can reach your entire network within seconds regardless of where they are located.

By merging the most innovative technology suite with premium support services, Omnialert is the most reliable emergency response notification system available in a time when dynamic communication is crucial.

Earnings Season is Here

While COVID-19 remains the world’s most pressing issue, the end of Q1 means earnings calls are just around the corner. Robust and reliable multi-channel communication tools will be vital in the weeks ahead as companies disclose earnings reports and analysts host virtual research meetings. Staying on top of earnings calls and having a smooth set-up to transition from one call to the next can be the difference between a productive and disorganized event. 

Organization, functionality and efficiency are essential to communication, and Omnigage prioritizes all three. With Omnigage, research analysts are able to create seamless earnings campaigns that provide multiple touchpoints with a streamlined workflow. Omnigage also enables greater control around data and content by providing a holistic view of all customer information and data-driven insights. 

With analysts and executives making and receiving multiple calls a day, Omnigage’s professional messaging and advanced dialer are invaluable assets. Omnigage offers a unique scheduling system with appointment reminders available instantaneously on both ends for coordinating meeting logistics.

While stocks and earnings continue to fluctuate during this uncertain time, technology should be a reliable constant. 

We’re All In This Together

The COVID-19 pandemic has put us in a situation where working remotely may be the new norm – but that doesn’t mean business continuity should be compromised. While many virtual conferencing and webinar platforms are crashing and experiencing a litany of technical difficulties, Client Instant Access’s bandwidth capacity, security parameters and innovative design are why the world has trusted its solutions for over 23 years.

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How the Omnigage Advanced Messaging Platform Can Benefit the Healthcare Industry

How the Omnigage Advanced Messaging Platform Can Benefit the Healthcare Industry

The Healthcare Industry is continuing to evolve every day and having various ways to communicate with your staff and patients is vital. With Client Instant Access’ new advanced messaging platform Omnigage you can create and send out personalized messages via SMS, email, and voice blasts to thousands of people in a matter of seconds. This unique messaging platform can function as its own CRM or can be an embedded terminal which can integrate with your CRM.


How can the Omnigage Platform Improve the Healthcare Industry


Sending Appointment Reminders

Having the ability to send out a voice, SMS, or email blast can improve communication with your patients. Healthcare providers are able to save valuable time by sending out alerts to patients for appointment reminders. Omnigage will manage your patient outreach campaigns according to patient preference.

Sending Internal Communication

Communication within a healthcare organization can be very tedious at times. Having the ability to send messages through multiple communication channels can keep everything in sync. You can send out notifications to staff about upcoming birthdays, meetings, etc.

Communicating To Patients During Flu Shot Season

You can send out notifications reminding patients of their vaccinations and receive data from each patient. In addition, you can also track inventory regarding Flu shot vaccinations were needed based on how many appointments took place.


Messaging Alerts and Notifications

Omnigage allows you to notify patients regarding construction, snow removal, alternate parking, tow warnings and even emergencies. Also, you are able to alert patients in regards to parking pass reminders under certain circumstances or how often you visit.


Messaging Prescription Status Notifications

This engagement platform can also communicate out to patients about when their prescription is is ready to be picked up. This can save time and money and make sure patients are receiving the prescriptions that they are in need of.

How Property Management Can Benefit from Omnigage

How Property Management Can Benefit from Omnigage

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In our digital world today, Property Manager’s have various ways to communicate with their clients and tenants. SMS, email, and voice blasts are all ways you can reach out to your tenants, which can make communication more efficient. Property Management involves the overseeing of real estate and it requires constant communication with tenants and clients. This is where Omnigage comes into play. Client Instant Access has recently introduced a platform known as Omnigage. This unique messaging platform can function as its own CRM or can be an embedded terminal which can integrate with your CRM.

How can the Omnigage Platform Improve Property Management

Maintenance & Appointment Reminders

Inform your tenants about maintenance requests and appointments with an option of a voice, email, or SMS blast. Many scheduled appointments are missed throughout the year and are not conveyed effectively. With a simple SMS tenants can choose to either confirm or cancel.

Create a List of Tenants

You can create custom lists that can be assigned to one or more units allowing you to segment various messages based on intent and tenant profile. Also, you can have the ability to make customizable columns depending on what specific details you are trying to segment when making a contact list.

Metrics and Data

You can have access to live metrics and see if your message was delivered, undelivered, or if someone unsubscribed from receiving notifications. This invaluable data can assist with follow up decisions and possible additional calls based on segmented criteria.

Send a Personalized Message

You can send a personalized message to your contacts about any upcoming events, parking rules and regulations, and newsletters. No more calling one tenant at a time. Now you can quickly create and deploy messages in a timely manner.

Benefits for Property Managers Using Omnigage

Reduced Costs

Sending out messages via SMS, email, and voice would save a lot of time money for property owners who are used to calling each tenant individually. Time sensitive messages are sure to be delivered quickly and efficiently, which can eliminate future issues leading to cost savings.

Emergency Alerts

You can send out emergency alerts to alert the community of emergent matters. When the power goes out you can send a blast message out to inform contacts of an estimated timetable for the power to come back.