The financial industry is abounding with data, providing participants with ample opportunity to gain greater market insights and make more informed decisions. However, harnessing the oceans of data that’s available is a challenge faced by financial institutions, regulators and analysts. CIA’s Omnigage platform was designed to address this very issue.

In the first part of our series on how to enhance customer engagement practices, we examine the first of Omnigage’s three differentiators – data integrity.

Enhanced flexibility across your multi-channel engagement platform

When figuring out how to enhance technology capabilities for financial service firms, one of the first considerations must be the simplicity of the product. While flexibility and nimbleness are factors that firms desire when modernizing their fintech applications, they ultimately want something that can be easily implemented without disrupting their current workflow.

Omnigage is designed so that no additional plugins are required in order to access the platform’s suite of capabilities, whether it’s a banking analyst storing a list of contacts to issue research reports or a more advanced data set that’s applied across an organization.

With the ability to control data and content parameters across the platform and gain a holistic view of all customer information and data-driven insights, organizations are more efficiently able to identify opportunities and organize information without having to worry about data security or leakage.

Keeping up with compliance across customer communications

Compliance and regulatory initiatives – such as MiFID II, which was enacted on January 3, 2018 – have put a much greater emphasis on how data is managed and it remains a top priority for firms in 2020. With that in mind, the CIA team has a comprehensive understanding of these developments and has engineered Omnigage to ensure consistent compliance around global regulations. The platform not only allows users to review and submit data around engagements, but the process is seamless and effortless.

As the industry landscape becomes more complex and data demands more arduous, it’s important that firms do not underestimate the value of a solid client engagement platform so that the integrity of customer data is not compromised.

In Parts 2 and 3 of our series around elevating customer engagement practices, we’ll be looking at employing efficient workflow tools and the importance of detailed and accurate reporting.