FinServ Comms Q&A, Markets Media: Joe Vaccarella, Client Instant Access

FinServ Comms Q&A, Markets Media: Joe Vaccarella, Client Instant Access

Joe Vaccarella, CEO and Founder of Client Instant Access examines how the dynamics of multi-channel communications have been impacted since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and how this will alter the landscape for technology and cybersecurity moving forward. 

What are some of the communication challenges firms across the financial sector have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic?

With nearly everyone in the global financial sector working from home due to the Coronavirus pandemic, secure and streamlined communication solutions have never been more vital. Companies have been forced to rely on alternative resources for meetings, earnings calls, and customer communication. There’s an immeasurable layer of cybersecurity and protection that these platforms must provide clients in the unpredictable climate. Conversations with clients and co-workers are vulnerable to hi-jacking and other disruptive behaviors when they are not streamlined on a secure and trusted platform, as we’ve seen with a number of other providers. 

A system that provides integrated and flexible capabilities through voice, email, SMS/MMS, and phone will be a major asset to firms not only with clients but internally as well. Finding a system that can be quickly deployed, while addressing cybersecurity threats and compliance parameters will be the difference between business continuity and business failure. 

What are some key features that should be encompassed in a reliable and secure multi-channel communications platform? 

Security and compliance have to be the top priority. Although regulators like the CFTC have loosened some of their regulatory parameters on working remotely, security around communication channels needs to perform at optimal levels to ensure that customer information and data is not compromised. 

As far as specific capabilities, customers are still for the most efficient way to deliver messages with a personalized touch. Multi-channel communication platforms should offer state-of-the-art conferencing, dialing and messaging services that can connect users globally. All services should complement one another, whether it be for voice, SMS, or email blasts. A good platform will offer solutions that seamlessly integrate with CRM platforms already in place in under 24 hours and foster a customizable, advanced alert system. 

A platform that is well-equipped and trusted will foster long-lasting relationships and provide the security and efficiency of automation with the attention to detail they would get from working in-person.

In the long-term, how will the pandemic impact how financial institutions approach communication technology and the surrounding cybersecurity protocols?

As more robust and secure communication tactics and strategies come into play during this pandemic, working remotely is slated to become the new normal. We have slowly seen Fortune 500 companies and institutions such as schools, churches, hospitals, and more take advantage of multi-channel communication technology and financial institutions are having to adapt quicker than normal. 

Reliable technology and communication solutions like CIA’s Omnigage that can connect with client relationship management systems make all the difference right now. This transition to consistent, remote work will be aided by these tools and we expect this shift to continue in the years ahead. As communication methods become more sophisticated and the banking and capital markets landscape becomes more electronified, more of the workplace will embrace the work from home lifestyle and it will all happen under unified and nimble communication channels.

This article was originally published on Markets Media.

Mergermarket – Client Instant Access expanding in healthtech, CEO says

Mergermarket – Client Instant Access expanding in healthtech, CEO says

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced professionals from industries that range from finance to healthcare and pharmaceuticals to work remotely. Client Instant Access’s multi-channel communications solutions have been a pivotal element in the business continuity of many of these firms during that time. CEO Joe Vaccarella and CTO Michael Morgan spoke with Mergermarket fintech reporter Yizhu Wang about how CIA is addressing everyday technology hurdles that firms are facing and how the business has grown as a result:

  • In March, CIA saw a 75% increase in the usage of its communication products, up from about 25% in January and February
  • 900 new users across product lines from existing clients
  • 40 new organizations in government, education and the financial industry

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New Platform Targets Finance’s Communication Woes –

New Platform Targets Finance’s Communication Woes –

Client Instant Access’s Omnigage allows compliance officers to approve communications content.

Hamad Ali, Waters Technology: New Jersey-based Client Instant Access (CIA) has built a cloud-based messaging platform that seeks to address fragmented communications and regulatory constraints on research analysts and traders. CIA co-founder and chief executive officer Joe Vaccarella says his firm, which offers voicemail and integrated dialers to financial service firms, has created the platform, called Omnigage, to improve on the products the company already offers by focusing on specific issues the industry faces.

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Using Blast Voicemail To Communicate Research and Updates

Using Blast Voicemail To Communicate Research and Updates

Client Instant Access offers clients that use Blast Voice Mail and the Integrated CRM Dialer unique options for communicating with their clients and contacts.  The most prevalent is the use of Blast Voicemail by Research Analysts.  It has proven to be the most consistently used, as well as the most successful.

But how, in the new age of growing SMS messaging has the voice messaging industry continued to thrive?  One of the reasons for this is because voice messaging gives Research Analysts the ability to personalize their research.  Voice Communications using Blast Voice Mail adds an enhanced personal touch that SMS messaging lacks.

Although SMS messaging certainly has its advantages, in terms of blast communications, Blast Voice Mail continues to reign supreme.  The limitations of an SMS message prevent it from being enough for clients to properly consume the intended message behind the research.

Since 1997, Client Instant Access has observed the growing creativity of Research Analysts communicating with their clientele, sometimes making song parodies or staging interviews as the content of the message.  The method is timely and more clear than an SMS message. This has proved to be an excellent way for Research Analysts to brand themselves and make themselves stand out from the crowd.

Used in the correct way, Blast Voice Mail makes a much stronger impression than SMS messaging.  Emotion or personal feelings are difficult to convey in simple text.  Hearing a voice allows for greater expression and clarity that match the intended message.

Ultimately, all Research Analysts are looking for their research to be better understood and communicated properly so their clients are more successful. Using CIA’s Blast Voice Mail to distribute research reports, analysts can better serve the needs of clients.

CIA Set to Attend IT Expo in Fort Lauderdale

CIA Set to Attend IT Expo in Fort Lauderdale

From February 8-10, Client Instant Access will be attending one of the most exciting tech conferences in the country, the IT Expo.

The IT Expo is a three-day-long conference for some of the biggest names providers, carriers, enterprises, and agencies in tech, and the CIA will be in the middle of it all. With representatives from dozens of different industries, February 8-10 will certainly be promising days for Client Instant Access.

With a variety of exciting features, the 2016 IT Expo was a huge success. There were 6,284 attendees with 129 exhibitors and a total social reach exceeded 13 million. This kind of magnitude is what attracted Client Instant Access to attend. 2017 promises to sell out again, and the IT Expo should be bigger than ever.

The IT Expo offers different seminars on how to improve sales through technology, as well as exhibiting some of the latest tech startups and how they are reaching their clientele. It also has expositions and lessons for “newbies” in the tech world.

The IT expo also features some highly distinguished speakers from IBM, Plantronics, Ingate Systems, and other tech giants. They are sure to depart wisdom on the entirety of the exposition.

The tech world has proved to be a very volatile, evolving place. The IT Expo hopes to help companies navigate this ever-changing terrain, as well as display some of the technology that is helping companies run like never before.

Ultimately, the IT Expo can be summed up by the great Steve Wozniak: “The event is representative of modern-day technology and the new state of the art. It’s the people introducing new things.”

The weekend of February 8-10 will certainly be an important one to mark on the calendar for Client Instant Access.

You can register and learn more about IT Expo at the following link.