CIA Omnigage Appoints Industry Veteran Daniel Duran as new Co-CEO

CIA Omnigage Appoints Industry Veteran Daniel Duran as new Co-CEO

Parsippany, NJ (August 31, 2020) — CIA Omnigage, a provider of premium multi-channel communications solutions, has appointed Daniel Duran, a veteran financial services sales executive, as co-CEO effective September 1, 2020. In his role, Mr. Duran will draw on his 20+ years of experience in sales, strategy, and leadership to accelerate CIA Omnigage’s growth while managing the Company’s strategy, including sales, marketing, and partnerships. 

Mr. Duran was previously vice president of sales at Tier1 Financial Solutions, where he played an integral role in leading the company to triple-digit sales growth. Under his leadership, Tier1 was recognized for two consecutive years on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 North America, which ranks companies based on fiscal year revenue growth over a three-year period. Earlier in his career, he held sales and business development roles at Dow Jones & Company and Dealogic, LLC, selling into the investment banking space. He started his career at Charles Schwab in the capital markets and trading group, serving institutional clients as a senior sales trader.

“I am honored to join CIA Omnigage, a leader in the telecommunications industry that has served Wall Street and global financial institutions for over 20 years,” said Daniel Duran. “As co-CEO, I look forward to strategically building relationships and driving the customer engagement process. With over 100 clients, including some of the world’s largest banks, this company has an established and trusted reputation that alleviates critical communication challenges in what is becoming an increasingly sophisticated technology landscape. My vision is to keep CIA Omnigage one step ahead of what our customers are looking for and ensure client connectivity is achieved as easily and efficiently as possible.”  

Joseph Vaccarella, co-founder and co-CEO of CIA Omnigage, said, “As a company, we are excited to welcome Dan on board. I’ve worked with Dan for many years as a partner, and I admire his knowledge of the industry and strategic vision. His reputation and experience will be integral to our next stage of growth.”

CIA Omnigage has played a key role in alleviating many of the customer relationship and communication issues that firms have faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and was recently named Best Cutting-Edge Ops Solution at the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards.


About CIA Omnigage

CIA Omnigage specializes in communications technology for the financial sector and other B2B markets. Its unified platform is supported by a global infrastructure that delivers click-to-dial, voice/SMS/email blast and conference calling solutions. It integrates seamlessly with any commercial CRM or internal system to track client interactions and provides regulatory compliant reporting. Trusted by capital markets for more than two decades, CIA Omnigage’s 24-hour customer service center is staffed by experienced industry professionals ensuring clients benefit from the fastest, most reliable, and flexible services available. Learn more at and follow CIA Omnigage on LinkedIn and Twitter

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New Meeting Grounds: Conference Calling in the Remote Workplace

New Meeting Grounds: Conference Calling in the Remote Workplace

In late 2019, only 5.3% of employees worked from home. Since the global pandemic, this number has skyrocketed to 42%, leaving firms across various industries in uncharted – and uncertain – territory.

With considerable long-term remote working parameters, businesses are faced with a growing number of potential security risks, workflow interruptions and technology complications, particularly when it comes to communication channels. As this new virtual working environment expands, firms must be able to harness their communication channels to ensure daily operations are not hindered and customer information is not compromised.

Remain Secure with Premium Conference Call Services

In today’s remote work environment, it’s not enough to use a free conference calling service that barely meets your business’ needs. Free conference call services pose a major security risk for companies, as participants cannot be monitored and private information is often stored improperly.

Firms in financial services, technology and other industry sectors have indicated that they do not plan to return to traditional office settings in the near future, which means that conference calling technology needs to be robust and uncompromised. Premium conference calling inquiries for CIA Omnigage increased dramatically since March and we anticipate a continued uptick.

With the right solutions in place, in-person meetings will gradually become a thing of the past as firms realize that not only are virtual meetings just as, if not more efficient, but they empower participants with other capabilities such as immediate access to customer data files.

By using premium conference calling services, businesses can achieve next-level communication with their clients, allowing them to host calls with additional layers of security while ensuring only approved participants can join. Elite conference call services such as CIA Omnigage’s Quarterly Earnings Call service require individual pins to enter, giving firms the peace of mind to continue building relationships confidently under these new and potentially permanent working conditions. 

Operator Assisted Conference Call Services at Your Fingertips 

Adopting technology and systems to fit the new meeting grounds in a virtual environment can be overwhelming. Free, generic conference call services do not offer live help options when issues arise, and their customer service agents are sometimes impossible to reach. 

With Operator Assisted Conference Calling , firms can have their entire call managed by live operators who are highly trained in customer service and managing security and privacy, assisting callers from start to finish. Some firms require virtual meetings with 200+ participants, and our dedicated operator assistants ensure that only invited participants are granted access to calls, 100% audio quality is present, meetings start and end properly without any hold times and that no technological or bandwidth failures occur along the way.

High-quality customer service, professional-grade security and elite audio quality features make premium conference calling in the remote workplace a necessity. CIA Omnigage provides an end-to-end solution to firms seeking ways to adopt stronger client relationships and flourish in the remote workplace with their unmatched conference call solutions.

To find out why we’re the leading Conference Call Provider of Choice on Wall Street for over 25 years, request a demo today! 

The Importance of Secure Multi-Channel Communications in the Remote Work Era

The Importance of Secure Multi-Channel Communications in the Remote Work Era

With the first half of 2020 behind us, we find ourselves in the midst of a watershed moment in financial services. When approaching customer communication and data management, security has become the top priority for firms across the industry, with most accepting that remote working conditions will be the norm for the foreseeable future.

As we enter what we hope will be a less turbulent half of the year, companies will need to rely on proven multi-channel communication solutions to ensure that business initiatives and client interactions are seamless and, more importantly, in a secure environment. 

Entering Virtual Reality

One of the most palpable changes across the financial landscape has been the transition from in-person meetings and conferences to virtual interactions, which initially created several data security and compliance issues.

According to a recent Greenwich Associates study, nearly 60% of institutional investors believe that large in-person events and conferences will not resume until sometime in 2021. That means financial services firms will need to have the proper protocols in place for virtual corporate access roadshows, large-scale earnings season conference calls, and one-on-one communications with customers. Detailed and accurate reporting, audit trails, compliance workflows, and data integrity are some of the key areas that many firms will also need to address if they haven’t already.

Innovation in Cybersecurity and Communications Technology

In this new ecosystem of work habits and behaviors, multi-channel communication providers must adjust their solutions to address data security concerns and ensure that everything falls within compliance parameters. According to a recent research report by Celent, expectations for a flexible fintech solution have exponentially increased IT budgets and financial institutions are beginning to adjust accordingly as digital technology plays a more central role in business continuity. 

Over the past few months, there have been numerous stories of data breaches on unsecured conference calling solutions, partly because data has not been stored properly. Data gathered through voice, SMS, and email is often stored in a separate, standalone system, leaving information scattered across different locations. Not only does this increase the risk of losing data and creating more information disparities, but it also opens up the potential for more security liabilities.

While data breaches continue to make headlines regularly from popular and well-known multi-channel communication platforms, flexible, secure technology cannot become an afterthought.

Fostering a Productive Remote Workplace

During these times of uncertainty, technology should be a reliable constant. Having the right tools that can be deployed quickly can be the difference between a new client relationship and a lost one.

Since COVID-19’s emergence, cloud-based software platforms that provide integrated communication tools have experienced a drastic uptick in business, particularly those with virtual event-hosting capabilities. Multi-channel communications platforms are redefining the client-customer relationship by unifying CRM systems to optimize workflows and increase collaboration. 

Right now, businesses must focus on maximizing the functionality of their relationship management tools in the pursuit of generating high-value, long-standing relationships in a post-pandemic world. First-class support for inbound and outbound messaging has moved from a luxury to a necessity, and adopting an environment that puts this first will generate longer-term success and greater revenue opportunities. 

The Office of the Future

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to linger, the work from home lifestyle is becoming more commonplace. According to a survey from 451 Research combined with analysis from S&P Global Market Intelligence, two-thirds of polled businesses anticipate long-term work from home policies to continue in a post-pandemic world. The Coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated that remote working policies can be effective and efficient with the right tools in place.

Our software development team has been taking advantage of distributed working for over five years. We utilize the same multi-channel tools for internal collaboration, such as daily stand-ups and email distribution, to communicate operational changes to customers. Multi-channel solutions keep momentum flowing, office culture alive, and above all else, bolsters productivity.

These past few months have been trying times for many businesses and workplace dynamics, but it doesn’t have to be. Outsourced technology that ensures business continuity can no longer be just a consideration. It will surprise you just how little you miss the office space when everything you need to communicate and work efficiently is found under the umbrella of one multi-channel communications solution. 

This article was originally featured in ValueWalk

Communications and Fintech – Part 2: Quantifying Customer Engagement

Communications and Fintech – Part 2: Quantifying Customer Engagement

By Joe Vaccarella and Indy Sarker

Customer and service provider dynamics are evolving and as a result, so must the way in which firms evaluate the customer experience. Companies are beginning to enact long-term remote working practices with the right tools in place, the customer experience can be analyzed, quantified, and improved over time to ensure workflows are always at optimal levels.

After exploring the importance of flexibility in Part 1 of our Communications and Fintech series, Part 2 will examine how to quantify the customer experience, how this can improve best practices, and how engagement analytics can help personalize and ultimately maximize every experience.

Why Numbers Matter

Quantifying customer engagement with clean data in a secure environment with a user-friendly and modern interface was the genesis of the Omnigage Platform. Omnigage’s partnership with ANALEC provides the broker-dealers and investment research service providers with an added layer of security and quality control on their client engagement activities. Numbers always tell a story. Converting interactions with clients into data-points and triggers allows far effective follow-up and greater levels of accuracy in meeting customer needs and aspirations over time. Incorporating these data-driven insights into strategies allows firms to turn intel into action and proactively address customer needs.

Through data and machine learning capabilities, a good multi-channel communications platform can suggest and create customer engagement campaigns that fit workflows and provide significant bespoke content delivery to enrich the client servicing experience. Smart analytics and consumer preferences are a key facet of Omnigage that gradually enhance its intelligence.

Quantifiable data not only creates more opportunities for the customer and service provider, but it helps foster more personalized relationships.

The Ultimate Customer Experience

Deciphering the “ultimate customer experience” can be tricky under certain circumstances, but Omnigage and ANALEC make it simple. ANALEC’s proactive management reporting and ability to tag conversations with relevant insights and inferences paired with Omnigage’s best call times and granular metrics offer a best-in-class service that fully understands the scope of any customer’s needs.

For instance, the Corporate Access process has historically been driven by in-person meetings coordinated by major banks that connect institutional investors with corporate management teams. With these events occurring in a virtual-only environment the past three months, data can illustrate which communication tools are being enacted, how long they are being used, and what facets of these tools may need to be improved so that the overall experience is more personable and efficient.

Our Bigger Picture

Customer engagement dynamics will continue to evolve as companies gravitate towards long-term remote working conditions in a post-COVID environment. Blast messaging, SMS, email, webinars, and other methods of digital communication will become integral parts of the daily workflows.

As workflows and habits evolve, so will the data. The firms that take a hard look at the details these data insights provide are those that will prosper in this increasingly remote and digital ecosystem that will undoubtedly become the new normal.

Elevating Multi-Channel Engagement Practices – Part 2: Workflow Efficiency

Elevating Multi-Channel Engagement Practices – Part 2: Workflow Efficiency

In Part 2 of Client Instant Access’s thought leadership series on how firms can elevate multi-channel customer engagement, we examine how to optimize workflows, even amidst unpredictable circumstances like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

As firms across financial services, healthcare, education, and other industries continue to work remotely – and with many already considering implementing work from home policies longer-term – multi-faceted and secure resources like webinars, blast voicemail, conference calling, integrated dialer and SMS capabilities, provide the efficiency and peace of mind in what has quickly become a heavily-saturated and hectic communications environment.

Communication Remains Critical in Crisis 

Business Continuity will cease to exist for most firms if they do not have the platforms, tools, and systems in place to combat workplace inefficiencies. With a solution like Omnigage, designed with a secure and compliant infrastructure, the tools you need can be integrated within your CRM and deployed overnight so your firm can remain in touch and productive through any crisis.

While blasts are excellent for keeping teams up to speed and distributing service updates to customers, direct communication is equally as important. Omnigage can dial any number in the world while protecting employees’ personal numbers and tracking communication without the use of a PBX. This can be a particularly valuable tool in the banking sector, where analysts can record messages and share with their sales team, who then have the option to leave a personalized message from the analyst when calling client lists.

Due to the accelerated communication contingency issues that arose during the COVID-19 outbreak, Client Instant Access experienced a 75% increase in business in March alone. This not only demonstrates the increased demand for multi-channel communication solutions during a crisis but also Client Instant Access’s ability to rapidly deploy these tools anywhere in the world, at any time. With our state-of-the-art Omnigage platform, remote work has never been easier.

Never Lose Momentum

Working from home is the perfect opportunity to use new communication platforms and connect with co-workers in different ways. Multi-channel communications systems can keep you as engaged and involved as you would be in the office. With all meetings and events now happening in a virtual environment, Client Instant Access has provided a polished and secure atmosphere for thousands of board meetings, Q&A sessions, and business pitches for professionals that would normally occur in-person.

Even communication among team members has become more valuable than ever before. Tools like a built-in team inboxes empower remote workers to collaborate over email and SMS about customer conversations with team members.

For the financial sector specifically, Client Instant Access has helped ensure business continuity for the corporate access sector, allowing leading banks to connect investors with management teams virtually since roadshows and in-person conferences are no longer an option. Whether you’re using conference calling and webinar services, blast voicemail, email, or SMS to connect with clients and co-workers, Omnigage ensures workplace productivity and business continuity.

A loss in productivity means a loss in business momentum. The struggle to rejuvenate workforce efficiency can be an arduous journey but with a secure and proven communication foundation in place, not only are relationships elevated but the confidence in the tools provided is unmatched.

With employees away from their desks, traditional telephony has become upended. Using a modern cloud solution for calling is the solution.

By employing a platform that optimizes workflows, keeps your data secure, and ensures that your firm is ahead of the compliance curve, you are adding a layer of efficiency to what may be a challenging time for many.