Hurricane Season: Are You Prepared?

Hurricane Season: Are You Prepared?

Right now, US disaster response teams are scrambling to find new ways to protect communities and businesses during hurricane season – and from the COVID-19 pandemic. Business continuity cannot persevere with outdated systems that don’t have the bandwidth to prepare their clients and employees with a scaled, immediate response when disaster unexpectedly strikes.

By implementing premium, trusted multi-channel communication and conference calling solutions, workflows will remain full speed ahead regardless of the severity of surrounding circumstances.

Weathering the Storm Through Communication

According to TIME, the 2020 hurricane season is already setting records for the earliest named Atlantic storms of their respective places in the alphabet. While tropical storms are flooding in faster than ever before and breaking 15-year-old records, early preparation for firms is key. It can be costly to rely on legacy systems that are not cloud-native and offer antiquated customer management methods of communication. To ensure productivity remains at optimal levels, firms need to employ a multi-faceted solution that offers fully-automated conference calling and large-scale operator-assisted virtual events.

CIA Omnigage’s Omnialert provides multi-channel blast communications, including email, voicemail and SMS. With the power of remote, cloud-based connectivity inherent to CIA Omnigage’s multi-channel communications platform, your firm has the ability to initiate notifications to your entire organization — no matter where they are — within seconds.

With operator-assisted conference calls, continuous, dedicated support is available to participants at all times to gather information and monitor sound quality. This fail-safe strategy assists callers in optimizing workflows and streamlining communication so that momentum is never lost and businesses can function effectively.

Information is Power

While natural disasters cannot be controlled, an abundance of caution can help save firms from going under during these turbulent times. A consistent, 360-degree experience for multi-channel communication engagement is one of the many reassuring benefits for firms. Disasters, from hurricanes to pandemics, should not eliminate consistent client contact and the opportunity for growth. 

Keeping in touch is critical during a crisis. Firms that embrace this ongoing digital transformation with new, innovative technologies that can easily share information and ensure close communication will be those seeing continued success. Peak natural disaster season is quickly approaching and securing communication precautions early will deliver better business results when the next storm hits.

Benefits of Using Blast Voicemail for Accounting Firms During Tax Season

Benefits of Using Blast Voicemail for Accounting Firms During Tax Season

As tax season approaches, accountants may find long client lists overwhelming and hard to organize.  Sending reminders to clients about sending their tax information, as well as communicating important information before filing dates arrive are essential during the stressful tax season for accountants.

Communicate Reminders and Important Dates

Whether you are dealing with ten or ten thousand clients, Client Instant Access’ Blast Voicemail is a great tool for accounting firms seeking to communicate with clients. Blast Voicemail allows an accounting firm to easily disseminate customized messages to their clients, whether it be a reminder about tax season or a helpful tip to inform clients about new laws and tax breaks.

Send Thousands of Messages in Minutes

This efficient tool also saves accountants’ valuable time communicating with clients, as a blast voicemail can be sent to thousands in minutes.  Our service also provides a success rate report for the blast, so you can have a crystal clear picture regarding the extent of your engagement.

Record and Send Custom Messages

Our Blast Voicemail service also has the convenient option of recording a personalized message for singular clients in addition to the blast message to a larger audience.  This allows accountants to prioritize their bigger clients as they see fit, and foster a more personalized service to specific client lists.

Security and Compliance

Compliance in the accounting industry and the telecommunications industry are both paramount, and Client Instant Access understands this and ensures that all blast messages will be secure.  Using a compliant telecommunications service is a perfect way to ensure success as we approach tax season. We meet the strict SOC 2  Compliance requirements.

Avoid the High Cost of Postage

Avoiding the high cost of postage associated with mail is another advantage of using CIA’s Blast Voicemail during tax season.  Our service provides users with a comprehensive interface that is much easier to organize than postage, cost effective, and much faster.  Contact a Client Instant Access representative today to see how you can gain a new level of efficiency and structure with our Blast Voicemail service.

Flu Season? Using Blast Voicemail In The Healthcare Industry

Flu Season? Using Blast Voicemail In The Healthcare Industry

How A Healthcare Agency Was Able To Get The Word Out

The first days of winter also mean that the first days of flu season arrived.  For healthcare firms, making sure the public is well stocked with flu shots and making sure people are vaccinated can often be a logistical nightmare.

Recently, CIA’s blast voicemail has helped a healthcare agency distribute and reach people in asking whether they have had or want a flu shot.

The agency uses the blast voicemail in order to send a message to a large contact list.  When the receiver listens to the message, they have the option to press 1, 2, or 3.

Pressing 1 would transfer the person to a live operator to schedule a flu shot, pressing 2 would tell the agency that they have already had a flu shot, and pressing 3 would tell the agency that they did not want or need a shot.

Streamlining this laborious process of asking people about flu shots is something that blast voicemail is not new to.  There are a huge amount of industries that benefit from CIA’s products.

This streamlined survey of flu shots shows the power of CIA’s Blast Voicemail when used efficiently.  However, Blast Voicemail is not the only product that can be used to help with process.

If the response rate is low for the initial survey, healthcare companies can then use CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer.  This system allows the company to directly call a huge contact list in a fraction of the time.

Calling a person directly will likely lead to a higher response rate, and thus, a higher rate of flu shots being given.  Using click-to-dial, callers can talk to a potential patient if they pick up, or simply drop a pre-recorded message to the person and move on to the next number.  Callers can also add a personal message if they need to.

The CRM Dialer can also help callers stay organized and connected with their customers.  The feedback will give the caller an analysis of how many answers and declines there were for a flu shot.  This ultimately will keep the entire situation organized and efficient.

The CRM  Dialer and Blast Voicemail products were created with efficiency in mind.  Today, they are helping fight the flu season and preventing countless illnesses.

Get Out the Vote! – Connect Candidates to Voters Quickly and Efficiently

Get Out the Vote! – Connect Candidates to Voters Quickly and Efficiently

Client Instant Access connects candidates to voters quickly and efficiently

The most important part of an election, whether it is a presidential race or a local town council selection, is reaching out to citizens and potential voters. Every vote counts, and, as every anxious campaign manager knows, turnout can make or break an election. But voters stay home or don’t register to vote for a variety of reasons: apathy, lack of passion or simply because they forget to go to the polls.

That’s why campaigns have to come to rely on Client Instant Access to offer candidates and voter registration drives easy, efficient and effective products to rally citizens to register and get out the vote.

Blast Voicemail from Client Instant Access can send a pre-recorded message to remind potential and unregistered voters that Election Day is looming. This simple but powerful reminder has the potential to dramatically increase voter turnout and bring targeted voters to the polls. Blast Voicemail can also help candidates get their policies directly into the voicemails of their potential voters. A candidate can easily record a short message that summarizes their main policy positions and send that out as a message to thousands of potential voters.

If candidates need to speak directly and personally to voters, our CRM Dialer is the answer. Candidates can now craft a more personal message to their voters and reach them in a manner that connects them in ways that a TV ad or a billboard simply can’t match. With , a candidate can make quick calls to prospective voters, and if they do not pick up, the candidate can drop a message into the voter’s voicemail, or record a personal message that reflects the unique personality of the candidate.

Blast Voicemail and our CRM Dialer are effective solutions to give candidates a new edge and motivate voters to get to the polls.

Organizations Rely On Blast Voicemail During Hurricanes And Natural Disasters

Organizations Rely On Blast Voicemail During Hurricanes And Natural Disasters

During the recent hurricane season, many organizations called on Client Instant Access to assist with navigating the logistical nightmare of communicating to workers, customers, and residents to ensure safety and rapid response.

Resort clients benefited greatly from BVM during the recent natural disasters.  Using BVM, resorts were able to notify guests, workers, and local residents of the impending hurricane, as well as any emergency procedures that needed to be followed.  Resorts also were able to notify these groups of nearby shelters, help centers, and resources if they were displaced or in need of assistance.

For a concentration of resorts in the Caribbean, a hotbed for hurricane activity, Blast Voicemail is extremely useful to enact in a safety action plan.  For example, if a hotel has 3,000 guests that they need to inform of an evacuation, one person can easily record a personalized voicemail that will reach every guest.  This decreases the chance for a mistake, which can be deadly in times of dire crisis.

Construction and Utility Companies see massive increases in repairs needed during hurricanes.  There are multiple divisions and employees to notify in order to deploy repair teams to work on restoring various utility services.  BVM streamlines this entire process so that these utility companies can communicate with clients and workers to ensure a smooth, safe, and swift recovery period.

When natural disasters occur, residents can often lose power for days and even weeks, and it is important to make sure that residents have services restored as soon as possible.  Electrical companies use BVM to inform customers of an estimated timetable for the power to come back.  Keeping people up to date is extremely important when resources have been impaired, and CIA gives companies the power to inform.

Another industry that can benefit from BVM during a natural disaster is education.  If power is out, then accessing the Internet or email may be difficult for students.  BVM bypasses this problem and will leave a message in a voicemail box.  This maximizes the chance that a student or parent will hear a timely alert, and not venture to school that day.

Ultimately, one can only prepare so much for a natural disaster.   Blast Voicemail ultimately seeks to minimize the damage and to ensure the safety of as many as possible during a catastrophic storm.