Get Out the Vote! – Connect Candidates to Voters Quickly and Efficiently

Get Out the Vote! – Connect Candidates to Voters Quickly and Efficiently

Client Instant Access connects candidates to voters quickly and efficiently

The most important part of an election, whether it is a presidential race or a local town council selection, is reaching out to citizens and potential voters. Every vote counts, and, as every anxious campaign manager knows, turnout can make or break an election. But voters stay home or don’t register to vote for a variety of reasons: apathy, lack of passion or simply because they forget to go to the polls.

That’s why campaigns have to come to rely on Client Instant Access to offer candidates and voter registration drives easy, efficient and effective products to rally citizens to register and get out the vote.

Blast Voicemail from Client Instant Access can send a pre-recorded message to remind potential and unregistered voters that Election Day is looming. This simple but powerful reminder has the potential to dramatically increase voter turnout and bring targeted voters to the polls. Blast Voicemail can also help candidates get their policies directly into the voicemails of their potential voters. A candidate can easily record a short message that summarizes their main policy positions and send that out as a message to thousands of potential voters.

If candidates need to speak directly and personally to voters, our CRM Dialer is the answer. Candidates can now craft a more personal message to their voters and reach them in a manner that connects them in ways that a TV ad or a billboard simply can’t match. With , a candidate can make quick calls to prospective voters, and if they do not pick up, the candidate can drop a message into the voter’s voicemail, or record a personal message that reflects the unique personality of the candidate.

Blast Voicemail and our CRM Dialer are effective solutions to give candidates a new edge and motivate voters to get to the polls.