How an Integrated CRM Dialer Improves Sales Productivity

How an Integrated CRM Dialer Improves Sales Productivity

Sales productivity tools have evolved over the years from simple spreadsheets with old-fashioned dialing, to newer advanced Integrated dialers that work with CRMs.  What has remained the same, however, is the importance of effective communication in making a sale. Integrated Dialers provide a powerful platform to communicate with your target audience, and can also optimize a sales teams’ performance as a whole.  

Dialing manually to make sales is antiquated and inefficient in today’s business world.  An integrated dialer gives salespeople several advantages, from an organization of contact lists to an augmented quantity of calls.  Client Instant Access’s Integrated CRM Dialer can also allow you to know exactly who you are calling with information from the advanced notes and attached client CRM records, allowing a personal touch in the process of a sale.  If a salesperson has detailed information about the client they are calling, the probability for success on the call drops significantly. With the ability to sync contact lists from other CRMs, users can utilize the information provided by the CRM to help close a sale. 

Predictive dialer products are at a disadvantage in the sales process when compared to an Integrated CRM Dialer because the salesperson is not initiating the call.  Predictive dialers dial the customer before the salesperson so that the customer hears dead air for the first moments of the call.  With CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer, the salesperson initiates the call and is ready to talk when the intended person answers.   During the call, a salesperson can take detailed notes within the CRM Dialer application that will sync with the CRM. This is a task automation tool that increases efficiency and cuts down on wasted time and should be an invaluable part of any sales process.

The click to dial feature of CIA’s CRM Dialer is perhaps the most crucial feature.  Without the need to dial manually, users can double or triple the number of calls they can execute during a given period of time.  With organized contact lists a user can move through a large inventory of correspondence comprehensively, and complete work efficiently with detailed record keeping.

Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of deploying an Integrated CRM Dialer would be a sales manager and upper management within an organization since they would now have access to the activities of their salespeople to ensure compliance and productivity.  An organization would be able to better monitor the actions of individual salespeople and make conclusions and better decisions when evaluating productivity.

Ultimately, a CRM Dialer allows users to reach more clients in a shorter period of time and close a higher volume of business.  It is a necessary tool for salespeople everywhere and should be employed by any business that wants coherence and professionalism in their sales departments.

With Cisco Unified Application Environment 8.5 No Longer Supported, CRM Dialer Stands Tall

With Cisco Unified Application Environment 8.5 No Longer Supported, CRM Dialer Stands Tall

Recently, Cisco has halted the sale of and stopped supporting the Unified Application Environment 8.5, a major dialer for banks and callers.  This has forced some companies to look for a different dialer, one particular with better compliance.

Client Instant Access’s Integrated CRM Dialer provides an efficient, compliant replacement to Cisco’s CRM Dialer.  There are numerous features that make the product user-friendly and are sure to be highly useful to anyone in need of a CRM Dialer.

The Integrated CRM Dialer has a click-to-call function that allows analysts and customers to make calls in a fraction of the time.  It also has the option to drop a voicemail, pre-recorded or not, into their recipients back if they do not respond.

There is also a note-taking section on a CRM Dialer to keep analysts organized and effective at their jobs.  These note-taking sections can keep individual analysts accountable, as these transcripts can be sent to supervisors.  This accountability can increase sales and productivity.

A CRM Dialer’s contact lists can also allow any research analyst or healthcare professional to easily make lists of clients or patients and can make it easy to contact them quickly.  With simply a cell phone and an Internet connection, users can communicate with huge amounts of people.

Because of the more personal tone of an individual call, a CRM Dialer finds more success when it comes to sales.  Any salesperson can use a CRM Dialer to quickly call hundreds of leads and let them know about a new product, or make a close.  This simplicity can take productivity to new heights.

With Cisco not supporting their own product, many companies find themselves with an unsupported CRM Dialer.  These same companies may be looking for an ample replacement in the form of CIA’s CRM Dialer product, which has great compliance and is completely supported.

Client Instant Access’s CRM Dialer has impressed clients with its efficiency since 2002.  Its easy-to-use nature and efficiency have made the CIA a provider of choice on the front of many different industries.