With Cisco Unified Application Environment 8.5 No Longer Supported, CRM Dialer Stands Tall

by | Feb 22, 2017 | Blog, Integrated CRM Dialer

Recently, Cisco has halted the sale of and stopped supporting the Unified Application Environment 8.5, a major dialer for banks and callers.  This has forced some companies to look for a different dialer, one particular with better compliance.

Client Instant Access’s Integrated CRM Dialer provides an efficient, compliant replacement to Cisco’s CRM Dialer.  There are numerous features that make the product user-friendly and are sure to be highly useful to anyone in need of a CRM Dialer.

The Integrated CRM Dialer has a click-to-call function that allows analysts and customers to make calls in a fraction of the time.  It also has the option to drop a voicemail, pre-recorded or not, into their recipients back if they do not respond.

There is also a note-taking section on a CRM Dialer to keep analysts organized and effective at their jobs.  These note-taking sections can keep individual analysts accountable, as these transcripts can be sent to supervisors.  This accountability can increase sales and productivity.

A CRM Dialer’s contact lists can also allow any research analyst or healthcare professional to easily make lists of clients or patients and can make it easy to contact them quickly.  With simply a cell phone and an Internet connection, users can communicate with huge amounts of people.

Because of the more personal tone of an individual call, a CRM Dialer finds more success when it comes to sales.  Any salesperson can use a CRM Dialer to quickly call hundreds of leads and let them know about a new product, or make a close.  This simplicity can take productivity to new heights.

With Cisco not supporting their own product, many companies find themselves with an unsupported CRM Dialer.  These same companies may be looking for an ample replacement in the form of CIA’s CRM Dialer product, which has great compliance and is completely supported.

Client Instant Access’s CRM Dialer has impressed clients with its efficiency since 2002.  Its easy-to-use nature and efficiency have made the CIA a provider of choice on the front of many different industries.