[USE CASE] One of the world’s largest global banks successfully hosts corporate access roadshow events in a secure virtual environment

[USE CASE] One of the world’s largest global banks successfully hosts corporate access roadshow events in a secure virtual environment


Our longest-standing client of over 23 years, one of the world’s largest global banks, was preparing for its annual Healthcare Conference for its management teams and investors. The three-day annual event, historically hosted at the company’s headquarters, would need to be hosted virtually given the impact of COVID-19 and the need to avoid in-person gatherings. 

For the first time in the company’s history hosting one of its annual roadshows in a virtual environment, there were strict security standards for meeting attendance required:

  • It cannot allow non-clients access to a premium event
  • It cannot allow investors from different firms to attend the same session (the line of questions from an investor provides insight into their investment strategy, therefore, it should not be shared with a competing firm)


Our team gladly accepted the challenge and successfully hosted over 40 management teams and investors – from around the world. No security breaches. No audio break-up. And no, video or bandwidth issues. 

  • The event took place over a three-day period with several meetings hosted throughout each day
  • Each management team had its own dedicated room and lead operator with individual portals and channels for open communication – at all times
  • Investors from the host’s client base were able to schedule 30-45 minute meetings with the CEO, CFO and Directors from large healthcare organizations for a more private and personalized session


Not only was the client extremely pleased with our exceptional white-glove service and audio, video and bandwidth quality, but they are also now considering hosting the majority of their annual roadshows in a virtual environment. In addition, several of their other divisions are now taking advantage of the CIA Omnigage Concierge Virtual Corporate Access Roadshow services.  


CIA Omnigage’s concierge virtual roadshow offering lets you seamlessly organize and schedule large scale, sector-specific events in a virtual environment. With the ability to host as many management teams and investors as needed, and as many individual meetings as required, our white-glove virtual roadshow offering has quickly become the industry standard.

New Meeting Grounds: Conference Calling in the Remote Workplace

New Meeting Grounds: Conference Calling in the Remote Workplace

In late 2019, only 5.3% of employees worked from home. Since the global pandemic, this number has skyrocketed to 42%, leaving firms across various industries in uncharted – and uncertain – territory.

With considerable long-term remote working parameters, businesses are faced with a growing number of potential security risks, workflow interruptions and technology complications, particularly when it comes to communication channels. As this new virtual working environment expands, firms must be able to harness their communication channels to ensure daily operations are not hindered and customer information is not compromised.

Remain Secure with Premium Conference Call Services

In today’s remote work environment, it’s not enough to use a free conference calling service that barely meets your business’ needs. Free conference call services pose a major security risk for companies, as participants cannot be monitored and private information is often stored improperly.

Firms in financial services, technology and other industry sectors have indicated that they do not plan to return to traditional office settings in the near future, which means that conference calling technology needs to be robust and uncompromised. Premium conference calling inquiries for CIA Omnigage increased dramatically since March and we anticipate a continued uptick.

With the right solutions in place, in-person meetings will gradually become a thing of the past as firms realize that not only are virtual meetings just as, if not more efficient, but they empower participants with other capabilities such as immediate access to customer data files.

By using premium conference calling services, businesses can achieve next-level communication with their clients, allowing them to host calls with additional layers of security while ensuring only approved participants can join. Elite conference call services such as CIA Omnigage’s Quarterly Earnings Call service require individual pins to enter, giving firms the peace of mind to continue building relationships confidently under these new and potentially permanent working conditions. 

Operator Assisted Conference Call Services at Your Fingertips 

Adopting technology and systems to fit the new meeting grounds in a virtual environment can be overwhelming. Free, generic conference call services do not offer live help options when issues arise, and their customer service agents are sometimes impossible to reach. 

With Operator Assisted Conference Calling , firms can have their entire call managed by live operators who are highly trained in customer service and managing security and privacy, assisting callers from start to finish. Some firms require virtual meetings with 200+ participants, and our dedicated operator assistants ensure that only invited participants are granted access to calls, 100% audio quality is present, meetings start and end properly without any hold times and that no technological or bandwidth failures occur along the way.

High-quality customer service, professional-grade security and elite audio quality features make premium conference calling in the remote workplace a necessity. CIA Omnigage provides an end-to-end solution to firms seeking ways to adopt stronger client relationships and flourish in the remote workplace with their unmatched conference call solutions.

To find out why we’re the leading Conference Call Provider of Choice on Wall Street for over 25 years, request a demo today! 

CIA Omnigage Named Best Cutting-Edge Ops Solution In FTF News Tech Innovation Awards 2020

CIA Omnigage Named Best Cutting-Edge Ops Solution In FTF News Tech Innovation Awards 2020

CIA Omnigage was named the “Best Cutting-Edge Ops Solution” in the FTF News Technology Innovation Awards 2020 presented by Financial Technologies Forum and FTF News.

The FTF News Technology Innovation Awards were established in 2011 to honor the professionals, financial technology vendors, service providers, industry bodies and regulators that have made significant strides and noteworthy achievements in operational excellence.

Joe Vaccarella, Co-Founder and CEO says. “Congratulations to our CIA Omnigage team on winning ‘Best Cutting-Edge Ops Solution’ at this year’s FTF Awards, and thank you to all those who voted for us and showed support.”

Winners were selected across over 26 categories through reader voting. Congratulations to all of this year’s winners!

New Platform Targets Finance’s Communication Woes – WatersTechnology.com

New Platform Targets Finance’s Communication Woes – WatersTechnology.com

Client Instant Access’s Omnigage allows compliance officers to approve communications content.

Hamad Ali, Waters Technology: New Jersey-based Client Instant Access (CIA) has built a cloud-based messaging platform that seeks to address fragmented communications and regulatory constraints on research analysts and traders. CIA co-founder and chief executive officer Joe Vaccarella says his firm, which offers voicemail and integrated dialers to financial service firms, has created the platform, called Omnigage, to improve on the products the company already offers by focusing on specific issues the industry faces.

Read the full article on WatersTechnology

Redefining Relationships by Unifying CRM and Multi-Channel Communications

Redefining Relationships by Unifying CRM and Multi-Channel Communications

Joseph Vaccarella, Client Instant Access & Manish Patel, Tier1 Financial Solutions

Advancements in technology are helping sales, research and trading desks with more collaborative components to help them optimize their client relationships. Buy and sell-side firms have voiced that exchanging ideas and working together to achieve common goals around technology innovation is the optimal route. Fintech partners feel the same way and are increasingly collaborating on ideas and integrating their solutions to create a more efficient and streamlined workflow for all capital markets participants.

In this piece, we’ll be taking a look at why the marriage of customer relationship management (CRM) tools and multi-channel engagement technology is the perfect fit for today’s structural and regulatory landscape.

Fostering Better Communication by Embracing Collaboration

Managing a trading desk is already a loaded job, so streamlining your technology suite has to be a top priority to help ensure a productive workday. It’s imperative that managers dispose of the inefficiencies that can linger on sales and research desks such as weeding through spreadsheets, as these processes can consume an exorbitant amount of time in what is usually a hectic schedule.

A robust CRM that’s supported by multi-channel communication tools streamline business processes and reinforces compliance protocols. This alliance of solutions allows you to communicate with your clients seamlessly via greater computer telephony integration (CTI) connectivity, whether by one-click-to dial, text, email or blast a voicemail. By taking the time to identify and develop relationships with premium technology partners, daily workflows are drastically improved which empowers company-wide innovation.

Unified communication is critical in today’s evolving marketplace. Getting there, however, can be challenging. While communication is often disparate and siloed across multiple platforms, a more productive approach leverages a unified platform that is purpose-built for financial services.

This allows users to quickly maximize calling, incoming call notifications, SMS, and email without having to exit their CRM. Capturing detailed activity history directly within your CRM across bulk and direct interactions not only saves time but also ensures accuracy over outdated manual entry processes.

Streamlined Efficiency through Automation

Although daily forecasts and weekly reports are two of the key value-add services that clients expect from research analysts, leaving messages for clients each morning is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. Pre-recorded messages covering multiple topics can alleviate this issue for both the end-user and the analyst. Messages can be blasted to clients overnight and available each morning as one of their top priorities.

Through a combination of CIA’s and Tier1’s offerings, market participants achieve a more seamless route to the pieces of research they want to hear about, using features such as Click-to-Dial. CIA’s Click-to-Dial saves users nearly 12 minutes for every 10 calls made and an hour for every 50 calls. By the end of a full work-week, this translates to almost an entire extra day of time saved that can be repurposed toward servicing clients and developing research.

In addition to saving time, there’s a compliance facet of working with vendors. CIA is SOC2-certified and has been engineered to meet critical regulatory guidelines, while Tier1 manages the increasing levels of relationship risk that exist between buy and sell-side counterparties in an increasingly regulated financial landscape.

With call lists more strategically organized and rapidly processed, users reach a wider audience through increased processing speed. As the number of calls per session increases, so will the likelihood of reaching clients for a one-on-one conversation. In instances where a live answer does not occur, a user can easily leave a pre-recorded message guaranteeing a rich, client touchpoint.

Interaction data gathered by the system can effectively be used to provide client engagement insights to enhance a communication strategy. For example, the CIA offering delivers a Best Call Time metric that will define the hours of the day a client is most likely to answer a call live. Such insights that are integrated with a CRM will allow a user to organize their day and ensure the most valuable outcomes from their engagement efforts.

Subsequently, having access to data on the best call time increases the chance of successfully delivering your message and fostering the relationship.

When encountering a situation where contacts do not want to be called, there’s the option of sending a message from your CRM. Sometimes a succinct text message is all a client may need. In addition, you have the option to still send a standard email with the latest research report as an attachment, helping to ensure a more personal relationship with the client while letting them know that you have their interests in mind.

In either case, users benefit from built-in efficiency, robust CTI connectivity and a compliant technology suite, allowing them to focus on their message instead of the laborious data-input process.

Leveraging the Next Generation Cloud CTI

Collaboration between technology providers and end-users drives greater efficiency, scalability and flexibility. For professionals across capital markets, collaboration helps convert bulk outbound activities into high-value engagements and multi-channel inbound inquiries.

By using a communications resource that integrates CRM and telephony capabilities, users can initiate a high-value, one-on-one engagement through multiple channels. Whether through voice, SMS or email, this approach allows sales and research personnel to conveniently contact a client while having the interaction automatically recorded and create bulk engagements that reach large audiences with minimal time investment.

Maximizing the functionality of your relationship management tools and merging them with multi-channel engagement technology streamlines the pursuit of generating high-value relationships. Tier1’s open architecture, single pane of glass view provides end users with the flexibility they need, while CIA is the catalyst that makes visibility simple, allowing research analysts and salespeople to easily get in front of clients.

From trivial items such as converting a missed call into an SMS conversation to more onerous tasks such as organizing an entire client list, the marriage of CIA’s and Tier1’s premium services creates a glide path to greater customer engagement and optimal end-user performance.

For more insight, visit us at the Tier1 Capital Markets Lounge at Dreamforce 2019- www.tier1fin.com/dreamforce-2019.

Client Instant Access, LLC was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Parsippany, N.J. Our state-of-the-art dialing, messaging and conferencing services have made us a leader in the telecommunications industry, and we are the provider of choice on Wall Street and for financial institutions around the world. Co-founder and CEO Joe Vaccarella has over twenty years of conference calling and messaging experience, while the rest of the seasoned senior management team boasts over fifty years of diversified telecommunications experience. CIA employs approximately 100 professionals and maintains a 24-hour on-site conference calling and customer service support center to meet our clients’ needs. We offer the fastest, most productive and reliable systems available in the marketplace to a wide variety of industries. We also provide detailed reporting, feature-rich options, compliance tools and database management resources that rival other companies’ much more expensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. If your company wishes to integrate our services into an existing platform, we have developed a robust Application Programming Interface (API) that accomplishes this with ease. At CIA, we look forward to innovatively helping our clients meet and exceed their business goals.

Tier1 Financial Solutions is a leader in global relationship management software for the financial industry. It empowers its clients to increase productivity, reduce relationship risk and enhance customer ROI. Tier1 augments the Salesforce platform with a capital markets grade security engine, coverage management and accelerated web and mobile workflows to support the unique requirements of Capital Markets, Corporate & Investment Banking and Investment Management professionals. Trusted by more than 19,000 users worldwide, its flexible, scalable solutions empower collaboration, transparency and communication across the institutional financial ecosystem. In 2017, Tier1 Financial Solutions received significant equity capital to accelerate growth from a group of investors led by WaveCrest Growth Partners with participation from MassMutual Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. For more information, visit www.tier1fin.com.