The new year is upon us, which means that tax season is officially underway along with the arduous process of sending emails to clients about providing their personal information. With Omnigage, accounting professionals can leverage cloud-based technologies anywhere to seamlessly integrate communications across multiple channels and end-users, alleviating the key main points that the industry has been facing for years.

Communicating Across Multiple Channels

Regardless of whether it’s a few of a few thousand clients that you’re managing, Omnigage is the all-in-one answers for 2020’s tax season communication demands by creating smarter, more streamlined communication channels. Not only does Omnigage store and organize client information to reference and use in future engagements, but it also allows firms to communicate directly with clients and saves accountants valuable time throughout the entire process.

Omnigage’s multi-channel capabilities drive more impactful engagement via dynamic call analysis and a comprehensive user ‘cockpit’. Users have the option to record personalized messages for singular clients – in addition to blast communications to a larger audience.

Addressing Industry Hurdles

With the ability to distribute information in just minutes, Omnigage allows accounting professionals to easily disseminate customized messages to clients via CRM integrations. Whether it’s a reminder about a deadline or a helpful tip about new tax laws, users receive a crystal clear picture regarding the extent of all customer engagements.

Omnigage provides a success rate report for the blast and can be merged into SMS, email or voicemail to create a more intimate message and touchpoint, along with the ability to easily export results. Omnigage’s multi-channel communications and CRM capabilities also provide users with a comprehensive and cost-effective interface that is much easier to organize than postage.

Meeting the Compliance Call

Meeting reporting and compliance conditions in the telecoms and accounting sectors is paramount and it’s imperative that tax professionals employ a robust solution that addresses both the regulatory and security concerns of customers. Client Instant Access maintains a SOC 2 compliance certification and the Omnigage platform is engineered to navigate these parameters to ensure messaging is both secure and within compliance guidelines.

Ensuring client information is exchanged prior to the April 15 deadline is an essential task for accountants but one that can quickly become overwhelming and challenging to organize. As customers desire a more personalized tax service is an increasingly digital environment, Omnigage’s multi-channel communication capabilities are not a luxury this tax season – they’re a necessity.