Hurricane Season: Are You Prepared?

Hurricane Season: Are You Prepared?

Right now, US disaster response teams are scrambling to find new ways to protect communities and businesses during hurricane season – and from the COVID-19 pandemic. Business continuity cannot persevere with outdated systems that don’t have the bandwidth to prepare their clients and employees with a scaled, immediate response when disaster unexpectedly strikes.

By implementing premium, trusted multi-channel communication and conference calling solutions, workflows will remain full speed ahead regardless of the severity of surrounding circumstances.

Weathering the Storm Through Communication

According to TIME, the 2020 hurricane season is already setting records for the earliest named Atlantic storms of their respective places in the alphabet. While tropical storms are flooding in faster than ever before and breaking 15-year-old records, early preparation for firms is key. It can be costly to rely on legacy systems that are not cloud-native and offer antiquated customer management methods of communication. To ensure productivity remains at optimal levels, firms need to employ a multi-faceted solution that offers fully-automated conference calling and large-scale operator-assisted virtual events.

CIA Omnigage’s Omnialert provides multi-channel blast communications, including email, voicemail and SMS. With the power of remote, cloud-based connectivity inherent to CIA Omnigage’s multi-channel communications platform, your firm has the ability to initiate notifications to your entire organization — no matter where they are — within seconds.

With operator-assisted conference calls, continuous, dedicated support is available to participants at all times to gather information and monitor sound quality. This fail-safe strategy assists callers in optimizing workflows and streamlining communication so that momentum is never lost and businesses can function effectively.

Information is Power

While natural disasters cannot be controlled, an abundance of caution can help save firms from going under during these turbulent times. A consistent, 360-degree experience for multi-channel communication engagement is one of the many reassuring benefits for firms. Disasters, from hurricanes to pandemics, should not eliminate consistent client contact and the opportunity for growth. 

Keeping in touch is critical during a crisis. Firms that embrace this ongoing digital transformation with new, innovative technologies that can easily share information and ensure close communication will be those seeing continued success. Peak natural disaster season is quickly approaching and securing communication precautions early will deliver better business results when the next storm hits.

Simplifying Data Security in an Increasingly Digital Communication Environment

Simplifying Data Security in an Increasingly Digital Communication Environment

With vast amounts of data being created, exchanged, and stored in different locations each day, companies must rely on the integrity and security of their multi-channel communication tools and data networks to ensure data and customer information is protected. Due to complexity and fragmented tendencies in data management practices, it can be challenging for businesses to implement robust data security. So how can this be simplified? 

A Unified Solution

As data environments become more populated, organizations tend to add a number of different security tools to their already dispersed data. This can result in the inverse outcome of what they were trying to achieve – adding to the complexity and increasing the risk of data breaches. By minimizing the number of tools in play and employing a cloud-based client engagement platform, businesses have a much smoother path to simplifying their data security.

CIA Omnigage has already simplified the data security process by engineering our platform to seamlessly integrate with a customer’s IT network, removing data silos across systems and applications. This makes it easier and safer to move data through multiple CRM’s, as it’s all held one unified space.

As firms gravitate toward long-term remote working plans, it’s imperative that they take the time to consolidate data and workflows. With individuals working from a variety of locations, data has to be a top priority, otherwise valuable customer information and revenue opportunities will be lost.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Over the past few months, there have been countless stories of data breaches on unsecured conferencing solutions, partly because data has not been stored properly. Data gathered through voice, SMS, and email is often stored in a separate, standalone system, leaving information scattered across different locations. Not only does this increase the risk of losing data and creating more information disparities, but it also opens up the potential for more security liabilities.

When using CIA Omnigage, users can natively operate different telecommunications applications to capture all inbound and outbound data and store this information on the platform. It also enables audit trails to track communications and two-factor authentication to ensure both compliance and security at all times.

As industries continue to shift to an increasingly digital and complex environment, a simplified data process means greater efficiency and peace of mind. Having the right multi-channel communications provider makes this essential and, at CIA Omnigage, we have gone to great lengths to ensure the platform’s security features are second to none.

Request your demo today and learn for yourself how we keep user data secure.

Compliance is King

Compliance is King

How a web-based CRM dialer in a regulated industry can help keep your team within the law

When you are on the front line of compliance, every client interaction has the potential for risk. If a member of your organization goes off script, the potential fallout could have serious implications on your bottom line. In regulated sectors as diverse as finance, health care, and education, critical information must be protected and communication must fall within existing protocols.

To stay within the law, a wide range of businesses and organizations have come to rely on automated systems for making calls that require regulatory oversight. The advantages are clear: automating as much of the process as possible means you will deliver messages in a consistent and clear manner, with the additional benefit of saving time and reducing costs.

Stakeholders at large financial and health care organizations know that they must document their communications to comply with the law and their own internal regulations. They also have a mandate to control costs and to streamline operations whenever possible. Using a web dialer, such as Integrated CRM Dialer from Client Instant Access, gives them a number of advantages.

  • Knowledge – All phone calls are logged and processed. All records of communications are stored for easy access by the user and the user’s manager, making it an excellent tool for adhering to compliance requirements.
  • Simplicity – The CRM Dialer can be easily integrated with your customer relationship management software or used as a standalone product. The program stores all your contacts and allows you to make call “lists” to maximize the efficiency of every call you make.
  • Consistency – If employees read from a script, it is difficult to be certain that they are following it carefully, without direct and continual oversight from managers.  A CRM Dialer program ensures that the same recorded message will be delivered to the recipient’s voicemail every time. When using the system to connect with people who answer before voicemail kicks in, users can begin the call with a personal introduction and then deploy the recording.
  • Security – Cloud-based products require zero maintenance from the end-user. The cloud computing services provider’s IT team monitors the system, updating it as needed, and constantly protecting the data from criminal hackers.
  • SOC 2 – The Client Instant Access CRM Dialer is compliant with Service Organization Control 2, which has to do with the five areas of availability, confidentiality, privacy, processing integrity, and security. Organizations, particularly those involved in the finance industry, will want to work only with a SOC 2-compliant CRM Dialer to make sure they are meeting reporting standards.

Switching to a CRM Dialer powered by cloud computing and tying it into your CRM gives you flexibility and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are meeting your regulatory obligations.

For more information on CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer application, visit or call (973) 439-0088.

Advantages Of Voice Communications Part 2: Business Relationships

Advantages Of Voice Communications Part 2: Business Relationships

When it comes to business relationships, specifically between a salesperson and client, frequent communication is critical.   But distance and time can make face to face communication unrealistic.  A salesperson or business development professional must have consistent and effective lines of communication to nurture successful client relationships.  The use of impersonal communication channels can be harmful in a business relationship and fail to differentiate your company or brand.  This can result in a client with no vested interest in maintaining a relationship and more willing to work with a different company or provider.

Client Instant Access has been assisting organizations for decades in nurturing these business relationships adding a more personalized form of communication utilizing voice-messaging services and cloud-based CRM Dialer services.  The benefits to the user of the Client Instant Access suite of productivity tools is tremendous.  A manager can now track his team and make sure they are making calls to clients and following up on new leads.   And the salesperson or business development professional using the CRM Dialer will be more successful in closing sales as a result of increased efficiency and better tools that allow them to reach more clients in less time and drop pre-recorded messages when a client is not available.

Imagine starting your morning with a list of client calls and working that list in a fraction of the time.  Never worry about proving to your boss that you made all your phone calls since you can now provide a call report.  And advanced note-taking features allow you to access important information about your phone calls.   It is no wonder many clients utilize the CRM Dialer product in place of a CRM for the simplicity of managing a customer relationship.

Another benefit of voice communication is the ability to provoke a response.   Other forms of communication like email do not require the receiving party to respond or engage with the message.  But when you speak with current or prospective clients by phone you are more likely to make a good impression and find commonalities not possible with other less personalized forms of communication.

Your company is at a disadvantage if not using advanced communications products like an Integrated CRM Dialer and Blast Voice Mail.

Client Instant Access To Attend Salesforce World Tour New York

Client Instant Access To Attend Salesforce World Tour New York

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