Keep the Blood Flowing

Keep the Blood Flowing

Blast Voicemail from Client Instant Access offers a reliable solution to the challenge of blood shortages

Nearly 12 million units of blood are used every year, and the lives of 4.5 million Americans depend on these transfusions. No matter what the circumstance, whether it is open-heart surgery, a serious laceration, or a large scale emergency, hospitals are always in need of units of blood. A steady supply of donations is critical and individual donors are the key factor to ensure the blood supply is full and ready for any contingency.

However, of the 115 million people who are eligible to donate blood in the United States, only 6.8 million actually do so, often leaving blood banks, hospitals, and medical personnel to scramble to keep up with demand. Client Instant Access (CIA) offers a reliable way to facilitate the process of soliciting blood donors to help maintain the blood supply. With CIA’s Blast Voicemail, blood banks, hospitals, and other health care facilities can quickly and efficiently inform a contact list of registered donors that blood is needed.

The contact list for blood donors can be culled from many sources: blood drives, the Red Cross, and other health care organizations. Donors have the option to opt-in to be alerted during a critical blood shortage, an upcoming blood drive, or a need for their specific blood type. This contact list can easily be organized by blood type and/or availability within the Blast Voicemail platform. Blast Voicemail’s high success rate also makes it certain that most donors will know about the blood shortage.

The efficiency of Blast Voicemail can lead to a higher volume of blood in the system at any given time. Blast Voicemail can get the message of blood shortages to potential donors as well. Of the over 100 million people who are non-donors, 17% said they “never thought about” giving blood. Blast Voicemail can reach out to this population using any contact list created from any source. Users can customize a message for this critical need.

Find Your Lost Customers – Proactive Communication Campaigns Using A CRM Dialer

Find Your Lost Customers – Proactive Communication Campaigns Using A CRM Dialer

Get Proactive: connect with clients, motivate your team and build revenue with a web-based dialer application

It is a common dilemma: how does a company reach out to customers that have fallen off the radar, either because of expired billing information, lapsed renewals, or any number of factors that conspire to disengage them? Customer retention is a problem that plagues companies across industries, in firms big and small, and is especially prevalent in our subscription-based economy. Improving retention requires outreach, rep motivation, and a robust response rate. Often, companies rely on email reminders to find and re-engage their lost customers. And yet, with a click of a mouse or a swipe of a screen, an email is likely to be deleted and unread, with no means of tracking the receipt or verifying the accuracy of the address.

There’s a better solution. To truly retain customers, companies must abandon their passive approach and embrace a proactive method that is data-driven and designed for maximum customer contact. A web-based dialer application that is proactive is the superior solution: it is cost-effective, provides instant feedback, and can be used to incentivize a customer service team to transform into a customer search and rescue party.

Web-based CRM  Dialer applications, such as CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer, are proactive because they engage customers in personalized contact and meaningful outreach. A CRM Dialer efficiency allows a team to quickly and easily call and communicate with large numbers of customers at minimal expense. It integrates in-depth reporting data and real-time feedback. A CRM Dialer also offers a “voice drop” feature, enabling users to record a voicemail message prior to beginning their call session. Each time a user reaches a contact’s voicemail they can “drop” the pre-recorded message into the contact’s voice mailbox and proceed to their next call.

Using a CRM Dialer, a proactive communication campaign can be mounted that motivates customer service representatives to re-engage lost customers and build retention. First, managers can mandate a specific number of calls per month per representative. Second, if an employee exceeds the mandated number of calls he/she would receive a small commission. Third, an additional commission would be given for amassing a certain number of minutes engaged with customers. And finally, a more generous commission can be paid on any revenues gained as a result of their calls. CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer application provides all the data required by management to effectively monitor this type of incentive campaign. It provides real-time feedback, including information on the calls made, the call result, and total time connected.

The end result of this search and rescue campaign? More customers found, more customers re-engaged, more customers retained and, of course, more customers adding revenue to your bottom line.

For more information on CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer application, visit or call (973) 439-0088.

Blast Voicemail and a CRM Dialer Help Theaters Fill Seats

Blast Voicemail and a CRM Dialer Help Theaters Fill Seats

One of the theater industries’ biggest challenges is selling out shows.  While shows like Hamilton and The Lion King may have no trouble with this, most playhouses are not as famous as Broadway.

However, CIA’s products help theaters distinguish themselves and draw larger audiences.  The unique voice central products help theater executives reach their customers in a more direct, efficient way.

The Blast Voicemail product helps theaters let their regular audiences know that there is a premier, or an event happening.  With a pre-existing contact list, the theater can immediately drop a voicemail into their mailbox and view the metrics of the success rate of the drop.

This ultimately lets people know and stay connected to the theater.  A voicemail is much more personal than a text or email and allows the caller to have some creativity in terms of how they would like to let their audience know about a show.

If a theater were to set up a regular voicemail schedule, their contact list would grow and they could attract more revenue and a larger clientele.

When theaters are looking for actors, they can also utilize the Integrated CRM Dialer.  Taking a list of actor contacts, the theater can call actors individually and inform them of an audition.  Doing this allows theaters to reach more actors and ultimately get a higher quality of acting.

As the contact list of actors grows, the possibility of a great actor taking the lead of a play also grows.  This great actor will attract more audiences, which will attract more revenue.

Using the low-cost CRM Dialer and Blast Voicemails are incredibly advantageous to theater companies.  Calling CIA can help improve theater revenue and ultimately increase their popularity.

Keeping Alumni Connected

Keeping Alumni Connected

Client Instant Access’s motto is “getting your message across.”  It has served as a good summation for our mission as a company and reflects client needs that are widespread across many industries and areas.

One popular use where our products help organizations get their messages across is the use by Alumni Groups to help keep members connected.  Often after finishing high school or college, it is easy to fall out of contact and forget about one’s alma mater. Products like Blast Voicemail and an Integrated CRM Dialer can alleviate this issue by connecting schools and former students more easily.

Using Blast Voicemail with accumulated contact lists of past students who have graduated gives schools a great opportunity to contact their former students and invite them to upcoming alumni events.  It also makes solicitation of donations easier because every single person in a class will be contacted. This increases the likelihood of receiving donations and results in an increase in the school’s endowment.

Blast Voicemail can also lead to improved relationships with alumni. By scheduling, blast calls to alumni about upcoming sporting events, reunions, and fundraisers educational institutions are able to help alumni stay more involved and perhaps increase donations.  Alums can also benefit indirectly from blast voicemail since better attendance at reunions and events will lead to increased networking opportunities and growth in connections.

A CRM Dialer benefits in a similar way to Blast Voicemail because it allows schools to reach out to a vast amount of alumni in a fraction of the time.  In addition, a CRM Dialer is often used toward the raising of money, since there is an actual phone call being placed directly.  If an alumnus is reinforced with numerous Blast Voicemails and CRM Dialer related communications there can be a significant improvement in the relationship that can lead to increased donations.

Seeking Cover From MIFID II

Seeking Cover From MIFID II

Client Instant Access Solutions That Can Integrate With Your CRM

When the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) takes effect on January 1, 2018, financial services firms with offices anywhere in the EU will need to comply with its requirements.

The Challenge of Supervision and Compliance

As part of MiFID II, firms providing investment advice or portfolio management will no longer be able to accept any type of benefit – monetary or not – from third parties in relation to client service, due to the real or perceived conflict of interest such as payments can create.

Firms offering research services will need to properly document all communications in order to properly charge for services. However, many firms are struggling with the requirement to supervise employees’ communications for compliance. MiFID II is clear that organizations will need to take a risk-based approach to capture and supervising not only written communications but also voice calls.

Solutions Designed to Help Firms Comply

Complying with MiFID II is not optional. Fortunately, Client Instant Access (CIA) has tools that can help.

Integrated CRM Dialer

Firms that use CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer tool are able to demonstrate compliance because the tool captures more than just who was called and when the call occurred.

In addition to creating efficiencies and enhancing professionalism, a CRM Dialer allows callers to keep notes for each call. Firms can use these notes to document the substance of the call, helping substantiate determinations about whether the discussion was research-related or not.

Blast Voice Mail

CIA’s Blast Voice Mail solution can also help firms comply with MIFID II by using our intuitive web-based tool to record and send pre-recorded messages. Because the content of such messages is preserved, it’s easier for firms to confirm their compliance with the rule’s mandates.

Integration with Your CRM

Both the CRM Dialer and Blast Voice Mail solutions integrate with the most popular CRMs in use by financial services firms today.

This means that call activity is automatically tracked, and that even large-scale voice message blasts can be mapped into your CRM and tracked.

Whether your firm uses Salesforce, Tier One, Single Track or another CRM, both CRM Dialer and Blast Voice Mail solutions from Client Instant Access can integrate directly with your CRM – helping you meet the requirements of MIFID II by tracking communications and substantiating your firm’s communications between firms offering research and firms paying for such services.

To learn more, contact CIA today online, or by calling (888) 226-9075.