[USE CASE] CIA Omnigage Creates Virtual Multi-room Environment for Government Agency Board Meetings

[USE CASE] CIA Omnigage Creates Virtual Multi-room Environment for Government Agency Board Meetings


A government agency needed to continue hosting monthly board meetings to present reports from various stakeholders, conduct a public comments period, conduct a private executive session and review and vote on action items. Due to COVID-19, the agency contacted CIA Omnigage to design and host a virtual environment for these meetings.


CIA Omnigage created a virtual multi-room environment that segregated the three participant types by role. The virtual roles were further controlled by a dedicated dial-in phone number and code for each attendee segment to ensure each participant received the appropriate level of access. The role assignments control whose line is open and when and also determines who is permitted to attend the Executive Session. An event manager is assigned to the virtual meeting and serves as a point of contact for the agency and assists with public session moderation, meeting alerts and meeting transitions. Last, the agency support team is provided access to the CIA Omnigage event portal where they can view real-time attendance data in each meeting segment.


The success of the CIA Omnigage virtual board meeting allowed for word-of-mouth adoption and by the end of 2020 three government agencies are using the service and CIA Omnigage has hosted 24 board meetings. The solution provided business continuity for each agency and ensured the board could continue to meet with each other and provide public access to their proceedings including public commentary.

New Meeting Grounds: Conference Calling in the Remote Workplace

New Meeting Grounds: Conference Calling in the Remote Workplace

In late 2019, only 5.3% of employees worked from home. Since the global pandemic, this number has skyrocketed to 42%, leaving firms across various industries in uncharted – and uncertain – territory.

With considerable long-term remote working parameters, businesses are faced with a growing number of potential security risks, workflow interruptions and technology complications, particularly when it comes to communication channels. As this new virtual working environment expands, firms must be able to harness their communication channels to ensure daily operations are not hindered and customer information is not compromised.

Remain Secure with Premium Conference Call Services

In today’s remote work environment, it’s not enough to use a free conference calling service that barely meets your business’ needs. Free conference call services pose a major security risk for companies, as participants cannot be monitored and private information is often stored improperly.

Firms in financial services, technology and other industry sectors have indicated that they do not plan to return to traditional office settings in the near future, which means that conference calling technology needs to be robust and uncompromised. Premium conference calling inquiries for CIA Omnigage increased dramatically since March and we anticipate a continued uptick.

With the right solutions in place, in-person meetings will gradually become a thing of the past as firms realize that not only are virtual meetings just as, if not more efficient, but they empower participants with other capabilities such as immediate access to customer data files.

By using premium conference calling services, businesses can achieve next-level communication with their clients, allowing them to host calls with additional layers of security while ensuring only approved participants can join. Elite conference call services such as CIA Omnigage’s Quarterly Earnings Call service require individual pins to enter, giving firms the peace of mind to continue building relationships confidently under these new and potentially permanent working conditions. 

Operator Assisted Conference Call Services at Your Fingertips 

Adopting technology and systems to fit the new meeting grounds in a virtual environment can be overwhelming. Free, generic conference call services do not offer live help options when issues arise, and their customer service agents are sometimes impossible to reach. 

With Operator Assisted Conference Calling , firms can have their entire call managed by live operators who are highly trained in customer service and managing security and privacy, assisting callers from start to finish. Some firms require virtual meetings with 200+ participants, and our dedicated operator assistants ensure that only invited participants are granted access to calls, 100% audio quality is present, meetings start and end properly without any hold times and that no technological or bandwidth failures occur along the way.

High-quality customer service, professional-grade security and elite audio quality features make premium conference calling in the remote workplace a necessity. CIA Omnigage provides an end-to-end solution to firms seeking ways to adopt stronger client relationships and flourish in the remote workplace with their unmatched conference call solutions.

To find out why we’re the leading Conference Call Provider of Choice on Wall Street for over 25 years, request a demo today! 

Hosting Earnings Calls with Complete Confidence

Hosting Earnings Calls with Complete Confidence

Earnings calls are made easy with CIA Omnigage

In the financial industry, earnings calls are a big event. They are an opportunity for companies to emphasize successes during prosperous times and address concerns during challenging times. The information that is relayed during an earnings call is critical and helps to chart the future for individual and institutional investors. Not surprisingly, the expectations of financial clients for these massive conference calls, and increasingly, their web-based versions, are high. The call quality has to be perfectly clear, the security for the call has to be airtight and the participants have to come away with a feeling of confidence.

Conference calling services from CIA Omnigage meets these challenges and exceed expectations. It starts with a dedicated team of operators who gather any requested participant data (name, company, job title, e-mail address, etc) and/or provide a registration page where participants can enter their data and receive a PIN to enter the call. Security is a priority: only those who are authorized to participate can enter the call.

With hundreds of registered participants, earnings calls must be carefully orchestrated to make certain that all callers receive critical information and can interact in an organized fashion. Operators review call flow and expectations with speakers prior to the call in a private sub-conference. The operators craft a custom introduction for the conference call, ensure the seamless integration of participants, conduct a Q&A session after the main presentation, and manage the call throughout its duration.

Conference calls through CIA Omnigage include additional features such as a login portal that allows you to view call participation in real-time, including participants who have entered the queue to ask a question. In addition to the audio conference, CIA Omnigage can webcast your event, allowing participants the convenience to listen to the call through any web browser or smartphone. And, of course, call quality is superb; you can communicate with confidence, secure in the knowledge that your message will be heard.

After the conference call, you can receive a participant list with all requested data, a recording of the call in any format (i.e. .wav or .mp3), and a transcript of the entire presentation, including the Q&A session. Finally, your call can be posted on a replay system to allow participants who could not attend the call live the opportunity to hear it afterward.

Major financial firms have come to rely on CIA Omnigage to provide the highest level of service and quality for earnings calls across the industry. Contact CIA Omnigage to learn more about how our hosted conference call service make earnings calls easy, efficient, and effective.

Conference Operator Parsippany, NJ

Conference Operator Parsippany, NJ

Job Description

Client Instant Access, based in Parsippany, NJ, is one of the leading providers of communication and technology solutions for the financial, healthcare and many other industries. We are looking for a team member to join our operations group. In this role you will provide first-level customer support and service management for our high-profile client-base. We are experiencing rapid growth and are seeking a person dedicated to customer success. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual to be part of the evolution of CIA and its expansion. Gain invaluable technology and operations experience in a fast-growing industry.

We are looking for an Operations Associate to join our team. You will have the opportunity to interact and support our high-profile clients in the financial services and healthcare industries. As an Operations Associate you will promote customer success through event management and quality assurance efforts.

Compensation: Reply with a request.

Additional Benefits: Health and Dental Plans provided


  • You will be part of a team supporting our suite of client engagement products, specifically our event conference call and webcast solutions.
  • Responsible for maintaining operations process workflow including client request management, best practices for data integrity and secure exchange of information, and thorough follow-up for customer trouble tickets.
  • Participate in regular department meetings to discuss and implement procedures to enhance the customer experience.

Requirements: Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Comfortable working in a fast-paced environment. Self-motivated; team-player; problem solver; decision maker.

Job Level: Experienced frequent user of Microsoft Office Suite. Comfortable speaking with clients on the phone. Open minded to coaching and training.

Industry Technology: Telecommunications, Healthcare, Education, Legal, Entertainment, Customer Service

Employment Type:


Job Functions:

Event Management
Customer Support

1st Level Troubleshooting
Customer training and service demos

If interested, please email your resume and cover letter to Michael Priore at careers@callcia.com

Premium Conference Calling For Large Audience and Event Calls

Premium Conference Calling For Large Audience and Event Calls

Live operator-assisted options for large events and large audience or quarterly earnings release calls.

No matter what the purpose of conference calling, the efficiency and success of the call is of utmost importance. Dropped calls, weak signal, and incoherent clarity are simply unacceptable in the industry of conference calling, and CIA Omnigage, a leader in the field for two decades, understands this and delivers a superior experience all at a tailored price.

CIA Omnigage the provider of choice for a number of global firms, delivers a high level of premium sound quality during conference calls using state of the art digital technology. Our clients have remained loyal to us for two decades, and more are choosing CIA Omnigage every day. Premium conference services from CIA Omnigage features a real-time portal to view call statistics. In addition, CIA Omnigage also offers expedited transcripts and recordings of any call, giving you the opportunity to stay as organized as possible. Participant lists allow clients to see how many individuals of your target audience have been reached during the call.

As the provider of choice for many Fortune 500 companies, CIA Omnigage, is perfectly equipped to help you with your premium conference calling needs. With over 23 years of experience hosting large event conference calls that can include audiences in the 1000’s, we are the most trusted company serving the needs of large companies.

With plenty of helpful operators on hand, you can be sure that you’re calling with premium equipment and services. Give CIA Omnigage a call today and learn how to access premium conference calling.

Large Company Conference Call Features

Host Large Audiences Conference Calls With 1,000’s Participants

Very few companies can manage a call with 1,000’s of callers and ensure the success of the event. We handle 1,000’s of large audience conference calls every year because of our exceptional quality and service.

Manage Q & A Sessions

A live operator can control access on a large event conference call so that they can mute and unmute participants to allow for organized communications and interaction.

Custom Conference Call Introductions

Live conference call operators can read a custom introduction on a large audience conference call at the start of each call to convey the agenda for the large event conference call.

Live Stats In Conference Call Participant Portal

With large event conference calls the host will have access to a portal that provides a view of audience participation in real-time. The portal can show any participants who have entered the queue to ask questions.

Digital Recording and Playback

When a large event conference call is completed, a call recording can be valuable. It allows an organization to have a record of the large event conference call for future reference. But it also allows a company to provide access to a large audience of participants who may have been late or not present during the call. Some organizations even publish and allow access to the public.

Event Conference Call Transcripts

Our experienced team can translate your large event conference call after it is completed so that you have access to a typed document that is accurate. This portable transcript file can save time and money by giving an organization the flexibility to send these archived files to a selected audience.

Advanced Conference Call Sound Quality

Eliminating the background noise during a large event conference call is a critical goal for any organization. Our advanced digital technology provides crystal clear lines that have made us the choice of Fortune 500 companies for more than 23 years.