Navigating the Route to Streamlined Communications

Navigating the Route to Streamlined Communications

By Client Instant Access & Tier1 Financial Solutions

Technical advancements are helping foster better relationships between clients and institutions – as long as there’s not a break in the communication process, that is. While firms need to stay ahead of the innovation curve, even more importantly, they have to ensure that the communication ball is not dropped. In today’s market environment, the case for this has never been stronger.

Fortunately, Omnigage and Tier1 have created an environment that allows institutional banking and capital markets professionals to seamlessly communicate. So whether you are on the go or working from your desktop, Omnigage’s Click-to-Dial integrated with Tier1’s core relationship management solution (CRM) is creating a more collaborative ecosystem that addresses the pain points that have existed for many in the industry. 

This unified communication channel comes at a good time. With the financial sector undergoing rapid structural and regulatory change, the channels by which market participants engage are also evolving.

Customers desire the security and efficiency of automation with the personal care they would get from working with an individual. These can go hand-in-hand when done right, as well as provide the protection and privacy that makes all the difference for clients when handling new messaging platforms.

Tier1 and Omnigage have engineered flexible solutions that fit the needs of clients, while seamlessly integrating into their environment, providing the ability to manage contacts, organize voice messaging, emails and texting, and leverage data.

Building Stronger Relationships 

The insights that data can deliver are true business differentiators and so, while the process of cleaning your data is seamlessly a nuisance, the ability to accelerate your workflow and drive revenue growth is a great trade-off. 

Weeding through spreadsheets is inefficient and data is often lost in the process of being exchanged across an organization, hampering the ability to develop healthy relationships with clients. Prime brokerage operations, in particular, have felt this pain. 

Spreadsheets cannot replace industrialized, built-for-purpose communication systems. When firms spend most of their time attempting to match disparate client information that has not been properly updated in a system, client responses can go unattended. Omnigage’s multi-channel communications platform paired with Tier1’s flexible, purpose-built management solutions ensures customer messages never go unattended and opportunities are not missed. 

The Power of Improved Messaging

A unified system fosters a more collaborative environment, allowing partners and clients to communicate easily and frequently. This style of streamlined communication will ultimately lead to more innovative ideas in the banking, capital markets and regulatory landscape that is continuing to transform. Clear communication in the workplace means fewer missed messages and – as a result – more revenue-generating opportunities. 

A streamlined communication environment allows sales, research and trading desks to exchange ideas and work efficiently to ensure that client deliverables don’t fall through the cracks. The marriage of Omnigage with Tier1 allows customers to quickly generate calls, notifications, SMS, blasts and email without even having to leave the client dashboard.

As regulatory oversight continues to increase, markets become more automated, and communication methods become more sophisticated, it’s imperative that firms eliminate inefficiencies that may have a detrimental effect on client relationships. After all, a robust multi-channel communication network may be the difference between a new relationship and a lost one.


Client Instant Access, LLC was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Parsippany, N.J. Our state-of-the-art dialing, messaging and conferencing services have made us a leader in the telecommunications industry, and we are the provider of choice on Wall Street and for financial institutions around the world. Co-founder and CEO Joe Vaccarella has over twenty years of conference calling and messaging experience, while the rest of the seasoned senior management team boasts over fifty years of diversified telecommunications experience. CIA employs approximately 100 professionals and maintains a 24-hour on-site conference calling and customer service support center to meet our clients’ needs. We offer the fastest, most productive and reliable systems available in the marketplace to a wide variety of industries. We also provide detailed reporting, feature-rich options, compliance tools and database management resources that rival other companies’ much more expensive Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. If your company wishes to integrate our services into an existing platform, we have developed a robust Application Programming Interface (API) that accomplishes this with ease. At CIA, we look forward to innovatively helping our clients meet and exceed their business goals.


Tier1 Financial Solutions is a leader in global relationship management software for the financial industry. It empowers its clients to increase productivity, reduce relationship risk and enhance customer ROI. Tier1 augments the Salesforce platform with a capital markets grade security engine, coverage management and accelerated web and mobile workflows to support the unique requirements of Capital Markets, Corporate & Investment Banking and Investment Management professionals. Trusted by more than 19,000 users worldwide, its flexible, scalable solutions empower collaboration, transparency and communication across the institutional financial ecosystem. In 2017, Tier1 Financial Solutions received significant equity capital to accelerate growth from a group of investors led by WaveCrest Growth Partners with participation from MassMutual Ventures and Salesforce Ventures. For more information, visit