CIA Omnigage and Singletrack announce partnership for Capital Markets

CIA Omnigage and Singletrack announce partnership for Capital Markets

New York and London; January 12, 2022 – CIA Omnigage, the multi-channel communications company, and Singletrack, the capital markets engagement platform, today announced a partnership for capital markets, delivering an integrated solution such that calls and voice-to-email blasts made via CIA Omnigage are automatically captured and logged in Singletrack CRM.

Enabling this automatic data capture means that mutual clients of the two firms can more easily track these interactions, alongside others such as emails and meetings, producing a full picture of activity with their customers without having to manually log the interaction. This is essential if the customer is operating under MiFID II rules, and vitally important for any firm wishing to understand how they are servicing their clients.

“CIA Omnigage has been supporting users in the financial industry for 24 years. We initially provided blast voicemail for research analysts on Wall Street and we quickly became the provider of choice by firms globally. We expanded our suite of services to include a range of other solutions to enhance client communication strategies for our end-users. Through our partnership with Singletrack, our integrated communications services are significantly more valuable to clients as interactions are automatically logged in a CRM,” stated CEO Joseph Vaccarella.

“Singletrack is committed to constant improvement of the service we provide, and this partnership with CIA Omnigage makes our clients’ lives easier by removing the necessity to log calls and call-to-emails. This ambient data capture is another step on the journey to data driven advisory, where digital transformation will yield deep customer behavior insights for our clients to better understand customer needs and improve service levels,” said CEO Stuart Berwick.


About CIA Omnigage

CIA Omnigage specializes in communications technology for the financial sector. Its unified platform is supported by a global infrastructure that delivers click-to-dial, voice/SMS/email blast, conference calling services and virtual event solutions. The firm delivers secure and reliable communications services to capital markets professionals to enable efficient client interactions that adheres to an increasingly demanding regulatory environment. CIA Omnigage supports its technology with first-class customer support ensuring its users gain the most value from the service.

About Singletrack

Singletrack is the #1 CRM for leading independent banks and research providers. With offices in London and New York, and over 50 clients around the globe, Singletrack is leading the way in capital markets engagement and research management.