[USE CASE] American multinational investment bank receives secure and compliant data solution

[USE CASE] American multinational investment bank receives secure and compliant data solution


An American multinational investment bank and financial services company needed a solution for analysts and sales to disseminate data. With workforces away from their office desk and working from home, interacting with customers has changed. Employees need to BYOD without losing privacy and call logging.


A CTI that natively integrates into Salesforce that can be leveraged within the organization’s custom data hierarchy. The CTI provides an SDK for leveraging events for customizing workflows, such as when a call completes, automatically populating fields of the call report.


Employees were able to use their phones without sacrificing privacy and ensure that call logs were recorded in real-time. Analysts were able to securely share content with sales while ensuring compliance.

Mergermarket – Client Instant Access expanding in healthtech, CEO says

Mergermarket – Client Instant Access expanding in healthtech, CEO says

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced professionals from industries that range from finance to healthcare and pharmaceuticals to work remotely. Client Instant Access’s multi-channel communications solutions have been a pivotal element in the business continuity of many of these firms during that time. CEO Joe Vaccarella and CTO Michael Morgan spoke with Mergermarket fintech reporter Yizhu Wang about how CIA is addressing everyday technology hurdles that firms are facing and how the business has grown as a result:

  • In March, CIA saw a 75% increase in the usage of its communication products, up from about 25% in January and February
  • 900 new users across product lines from existing clients
  • 40 new organizations in government, education and the financial industry

Read the full article in MergerMarket.

Multi-Channel Communications During Flu Season

Multi-Channel Communications During Flu Season

Professionals in the healthcare sector, which is increasingly relying more on emerging technology applications, need a multi-channel communications platform that’s easily implemented – without extra technology build or disruption of their current systems. With no additional plugins required, Omnigage provides an array of communication capabilities to medical and healthcare professionals to ensure that patients never miss their flu shot.

Enhanced Communication with Patients

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and with that comes new technologies to improve both patient and physician resources. With Omnigage’s unique scheduling system, appointment reminders are available instantaneously on both ends, whether it’s to schedule an annual flu shot or a routine check-up with a physician.

With flu season still in full swing, it’s now more important than ever to have clear, quick and concise communication with patients across a range of channels. Users have the ability to schedule reminders in advance using list distribution across voice, email and SMS, preventing you from ever missing an appointment or vaccination again.

Omnigage understands that better communication is vital to the health and advancement of patients. Seamless integration with commercial and native CRMs means that email blasts and activity-syncing are no longer the painstaking tasks to which healthcare professionals have grown so accustomed.

Organization Improvements for Healthcare Professionals 

Omnigage provides greater control around data and content parameters with a more holistic view of all customer information and data-driven insights. While patients benefit from reminders and improved communication, physicians will benefit from its easily-exported results and organizational advantages. The platform drives data to the fingertips of its users with instantaneous delivery of pertinent information on patients and a team inbox for managing client responses.

With new diseases and other potential health risks on the horizon, the importance of gaining immediate access to organized data is a must in the healthcare sector. Physicians must be able to access patient information quickly and efficiently and Omnigage’s fast-paced, premium solution fills that gap at both ends of the spectrum.

Content and data sustained in one succinct system make for a reliable, productive environment for storing information and providing the peace of mind that patients are being cared for with the highest priority. By providing a more robust workflow for managing key patient deliverables, physicians are able to ensure greater quality control and ensure a much more pleasant experience for each patient.

Archiving and Documenting Conference Calls in a Regulated Environment

Archiving and Documenting Conference Calls in a Regulated Environment

Hosted conference calls, particularly large earnings calls, are important events for companies in every sector, and they allow callers to convey information to potentially thousands of people. However, some conference call services indirectly limit the way you can use these calls with the absence of digital transcripts and playback

Free conference call services do not typically provide transcripts or recordings after a conference call, but members of our teams will be happy to type a physical transcript of the conference call and make sure that everyone who happened to miss the conference call can still receive all the important information.

Transcription Services Benefits

This transcription service also allows a conference call to be much more than a typical live meeting. Organizations sometimes use our conference call service for smaller scale calls like brainstorming sessions between senior team members before deciding how to disseminate this information to the larger team not present on the call.   A transcript allows for careful editing so that only pertinent information is released to the larger group or external audience. Companies have the flexibility to send these transcripts to callers from within their own company or to outside companies to convey transparency and compliance, as well as for future reference in later projects,  These transcriptions can also be kept secure, so your company’s private information remains just that.

Digital Recording Benefits

Digital recordings add additional versatility to conference calling because the entire call can be shared later with the chosen audience or retrieved by participants for reference.   Having the option of transcription or digital recording provides an essential tool to organizations with premium conference calling needs.

Compliance Benefits Of Premium Conference Calling

Companies are regulated by many agencies and have strict documentation requirements that they must follow so that there is a detailed trail of all communications.  Client Instant Access has been a major asset to the largest Wall Street Banks and leading companies in Healthcare so that they meet the strict compliance requirements of their industries.  As a result, companies can have easy access to these calls via digital recordings and transcripts that they store in their archives.

Why The Largest Fortune 500 Companies Rely On Us

In a world where privacy and security is critical, it’s beneficial to have access to a reliable conference call center that is secure and robust. Many of the largest fortune 500 companies have come to rely on us to provide the highest level of service and quality for hosting large group conference calls, hosted earnings calls and hosted event calls that require maximum security and reliability.

How an Integrated CRM Dialer Improves Sales Productivity

How an Integrated CRM Dialer Improves Sales Productivity

Sales productivity tools have evolved over the years from simple spreadsheets with old-fashioned dialing, to newer advanced Integrated dialers that work with CRMs.  What has remained the same, however, is the importance of effective communication in making a sale. Integrated Dialers provide a powerful platform to communicate with your target audience, and can also optimize a sales teams’ performance as a whole.  

Dialing manually to make sales is antiquated and inefficient in today’s business world.  An integrated dialer gives salespeople several advantages, from an organization of contact lists to an augmented quantity of calls.  Client Instant Access’s Integrated CRM Dialer can also allow you to know exactly who you are calling with information from the advanced notes and attached client CRM records, allowing a personal touch in the process of a sale.  If a salesperson has detailed information about the client they are calling, the probability for success on the call drops significantly. With the ability to sync contact lists from other CRMs, users can utilize the information provided by the CRM to help close a sale. 

Predictive dialer products are at a disadvantage in the sales process when compared to an Integrated CRM Dialer because the salesperson is not initiating the call.  Predictive dialers dial the customer before the salesperson so that the customer hears dead air for the first moments of the call.  With CIA’s Integrated CRM Dialer, the salesperson initiates the call and is ready to talk when the intended person answers.   During the call, a salesperson can take detailed notes within the CRM Dialer application that will sync with the CRM. This is a task automation tool that increases efficiency and cuts down on wasted time and should be an invaluable part of any sales process.

The click to dial feature of CIA’s CRM Dialer is perhaps the most crucial feature.  Without the need to dial manually, users can double or triple the number of calls they can execute during a given period of time.  With organized contact lists a user can move through a large inventory of correspondence comprehensively, and complete work efficiently with detailed record keeping.

Perhaps the biggest beneficiary of deploying an Integrated CRM Dialer would be a sales manager and upper management within an organization since they would now have access to the activities of their salespeople to ensure compliance and productivity.  An organization would be able to better monitor the actions of individual salespeople and make conclusions and better decisions when evaluating productivity.

Ultimately, a CRM Dialer allows users to reach more clients in a shorter period of time and close a higher volume of business.  It is a necessary tool for salespeople everywhere and should be employed by any business that wants coherence and professionalism in their sales departments.