Compliant Client Engagement for the Capital Markets Industry

by | Aug 21, 2023 | Blog, Financial, Multi-channel, Omnigage, Uncategorized

Successful client engagement starts with reaching your clients. In today’s world, accomplishing this has become increasingly challenging and financial service professionals will resort to side-channel messaging through apps such as WhatsApp and Signal. For some time, firms have turned a blind-eye to this practice. While the loss of data for these client interactions goes against industry regulations and professional best practices, the nurturing of client relationships was often considered an acceptable benefit when weighed against the downside.

This tradeoff is no longer practical as regulators ramp up their efforts to enforce rules pertaining to electronic records for client interactions. As such, firms are now faced with the challenge of restricting communication channels that often prove to be the most effective in maintaining valuable client relationships.

CIA Omnigage has been supporting the communication strategy of Wall street firms for 26 years. While the technology landscape has grown in complexity over the past 2 decades, CIA has relied on a few basic principles to support the success of their clients. Provide reliable, user-friendly communication methods that allow users to foster successful client relationships while maintaining disciplined adherence to regulatory compliance.

CIA’s most recent technology offering, Omnigage, is a multichannel (Voice, e-mail & messaging) platform that allows users to communicate with clients through their preferred channel and maintains detailed electronics records across all activity. As an integration specialist, CIA Omnigage has been partnering with CRM companies, authoring platforms and archiving solutions for more than 15 years.

Our answer to the regulatory challenge of side channel communications is to integrate the side channel applications with the Omnigage platform. Omnigage can integrate with WhatsApp and Signal so our users can use these apps compliantly as the Omnigage integration tracks and logs all user activity. Our goal is to place the right communication method at a user’s fingertips.