Blast Voice Mail to the Rescue During Hurricane Season

by | Sep 2, 2018 | Blast Voice Mail, Blog

With hurricane season ramping up and two Category 4-5 storms making landfall on the United States, many people in affected areas are dependent on supplies and instructions from emergency service organizations.  However, with millions of people often displaced or affected, this can be a challenge to first responders.

In these times of crisis, many have turned to Blast Voice Mail (BVM).  BVM gives companies the power to communicate with thousands of affected clients instantly.  In chaotic and stressful events as these, time is a valuable asset and BVM helps organize a safety action plan.  Since natural disasters are spontaneous and difficult to predict, emergency service organizations and construction companies must account for lots of moving parts.  With Blast Voice Mail, users can be sure to get their safety message across quickly and clearly, facilitating the complicated process.

Before and during disaster events, a serious problem is the tendency to underestimate the severity of an impending storm.  Using Blast Voice Mail versus email or SMS adds another layer of urgency and allows the caller to vocally convey the gravity of the situation to his/her recipients.  There is a higher probability that a voice message will succeed in its goal, and thus a better chance for people’s safety.