Use Case


Our longest-standing client of over 23 years, one of the world’s largest global banks, was preparing for its annual Healthcare Conference for its management teams and investors. The three-day annual event, historically hosted at the company’s headquarters, would need to be hosted virtually given the impact of COVID-19 and the need to avoid in-person gatherings.

For the first time in the company’s history hosting one of its annual roadshows in a virtual environment, there were strict security standards for meeting attendance required:

  • It cannot allow non-clients access to a premium event
  • It cannot allow investors from different firms to attend the same session (the line of questions from an investor provides insight into their investment strategy, therefore, it should not be shared with a competing firm)

Our Approach

Our team gladly accepted the challenge and successfully hosted over 40 management teams and investors – from around the world. No security breaches. No audio break-up. And no, video or bandwidth issues. 

  • The event took place over a three-day period with several meetings hosted throughout each day
  • Each management team had its own dedicated room and lead operator with individual portals and channels for open communication – at all times
  • Investors from the host’s client base were able to schedule 30-45 minute meetings with the CEO, CFO and Directors from large healthcare organizations for a more private and personalized session


Not only was the client extremely pleased with our exceptional white-glove service and audio, video and bandwidth quality, but they are also now considering hosting the majority of their annual roadshows in a virtual environment. In addition, several of their other divisions are now taking advantage of the CIA Omnigage Concierge Virtual Corporate Access Roadshow services.