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Instant Daytime Dialer (IDD) System

Designed to continuously dial-out to clients, leaving customized or pre-recorded messages whenever reaching a voice mail. The web-based system will also connect you directly when a person answers the phone. With a simple click of your mouse you will reach your clients faster than ever.

Why should you use CIA's Instant Daytime Dialer (IDD) System ?

Never again will you have to repeat the same voice mail message 40 or 50+ times during the day. Our system will allow you to deliver a crisp and effective message each time with the same enthusiasm.

Here are some of the reasons why this Instant Daytime Dialer (IDD) System can help you achieve your goals:

  • Eliminate the stress of making outbound phone calls
  • Make all of your calls in one-third the time
  • No longer repeat the same voice mail message multiple times
  • Reduce a two-hour call session to about 30 minutes

The IDD System offers the convenience and ability to:

  • Access the system from anywhere, your home, the office or any alternate location
  • Dial each phone number with a single "Click of the Mouse"
  • Dial phone number after phone number and drop messages until a client answers the phone
  • Eliminate verbally repeating the same message each time you reach your client's voice mail, saving 2 to 3 minutes per call
  • We leave the message for you while you dial out to the next client
  • Leave a personal greeting before your pre-recorded message, giving the client the impression you left a personal voice message just for them.

Features Include:

  • No hardware or software needed
  • No additional telecommunications infrastructure needed to handle increased calls
  • Client Instant Access assumes all outbound long distance or local phone charges on each call dialed
  • Easy to integrate with existing CRM
  • Single database for all CIA products
  • Unlimited number of lists and contacts
  • Unlimited Messages - Record and store an unlimited number of messages and
    • – Customize the type of message you want delivered
    • – Download voice messages for archiving and emailing
  • Co-mingled mailbox - Allows the delivery of other people's messages following your custom message
    • – Detailed reports that include time and date stamp showing live answer versus voice mail
      – Can be exported to Excel
  • Utilize the system as a CRM tool with note taking capabilities
  • A review of the complete history of calls within the CIA history archive
  • 24X7/365 management with an online system that can be accessed by computers anywhere
  • Efficient Search - gather information on any contact instantly across all lists
  • Quick Sort - Arrange your contacts prior to calling by name, company, phone number or priority level
  • Training - CIA provides unlimited training via phone, web conference. Face-to-face training available based on area

Advantages and Benefits of Using the Instant Daytime Dialer

  • Reduces the amount of time a user spends making outbound phone calls
    • Case Study: A client required their associate to follow-up with the same 60 customers each day. Utilizing our IDD system the associate's time making these calls was reduced by 60-80 minutes depending on live answers.
  • Allows a greater volume of calls to be made
    • Case Study: Internally at CIA we have experienced the number of outbound calls by our inside sales department increase from an average of 80 calls per day, per person, to 140-175 calls daily.
    • Case Study: Several clients have seen anywhere from a 40-60 percent increase of outbound calls made over a daily and weekly period
  • Elimination of continually repeating the same message
    • Users will not have to repeat the same message each time they reach voice mail, eliminating exhaustion and the monotony of the task. In some cases the analyst or sales person records a message and has an associate perform the dialing. If a customer answers, the call is transferred to the analyst or decision maker.
  • Multiple message recording
    • Case Study: Many analysts that use our service cover multiple industries. They record multiple messages covering each industry so when they start making their calls they can choose which message they want to send during the call session and not have to worry about recording new messages for each different list.
  • Users can recite a personal greeting in their own voice before delivery of the pre-recorded message
    • This personalization eliminates any impression that a pre-recorded message is being delivered
  • All activity is tracked within the IDD and can be integrated into any CRM environment
    • Case Study: Our service is now integrated into 8 clients comprising 5 different software platforms
  • Tremendous telecom cost savings
    • Case Study: A few firms have given us information that shows an employee can cost anywhere from $70 to $200 per month in telephony charges for outbound calling. This doesn't include the additional costs for T1 and DS3 lines needed for the additional capacity for outbound calling. Since CIA is handling all of the dialing and making the connections, the telecom charges are eliminated from your telephone company invoice. This is a major consideration when evaluating our fee structure.
  • IDD efficiency increases when partnered with our Blast Voice Messaging platform
    • Case Study: Firms utilize CIA's services in conjunction to ensure their messages get delivered. After they send a message at night they review their morning report and anyone who did not receive the messages gets uploaded to their morning list and they make their first calls using IDD. Another advantage is that both systems utilize the same lists so multiple lists for each product are not necessary.
  • No upfront costs
    • Case Study: Two of the firms using our service have spent time and ten's of thousands of dollars trying to build their own internal system that never got fully developed. We have created the most feature based, interactive and integrated product on the market.